Rangely council amends Better City project

RANGELY | The Rangely Town Council met Tuesday to discuss future transportation plans for the region and update the scope of work for the Better City Project.
Following recent discussions within the Town Council and Rangely Development Authority it was suggested that a change of course for the Better City Project was required. The new direction will not change the 2017 contract cost of $101,000, equally shared by the Town of Rangely and Rio Blanco County. It replaces the “expanded flight program” and “grocery operator” objectives with “community facilitation,” “call center” and “community market video.” The video cost was estimated at $12,000. The airplane maintenance and repair operation will still be included. The issue was tabled until the council can meet with county commissioners.
The council agreed to a memorandum of understanding with the counties and towns across northwest Colorado to update the Regional Planning Commission for Transportation Planning. The voting structure was changed to give each county an equal vote.
A unanimous decision was made to approve a resolution leasing land to Verizon Wireless for the purpose of constructing a tower. The five-year contract includes lease payments to the town of $1,300 monthly. The tower will be located behind Town Hall. Some discussion was held about what to do with the funds. Andy Key suggested the money be earmarked for economic or community development while Mayor Joseph Nielsen suggested that the money help fill the current budget shortfall in the general fund. The board agreed to discuss it further during budget season.
Rangely Town Manager Peter Brixius updated the council on the Airport Master Plan, which has been approved by county commissioners and includes major improvements to the runway, which currently does not meet FAA standards. According to Brixius the FAA will pay for much of the work. They also discussed potentially moving the airstrip further to the east to avoid swamp land. Another concern is Airport Road, which needs to be lowered 5 feet in order to meet FFA standards.
Brixius also discussed a new airport hangar, which is needed to grow the maintenance, repair and overhaul program and was estimated to cost $200,000-$400,000. “It’s not a lot of jobs but it’s the beginning of enhancing that maintenance and repair operation,” he said.