Rangely District Hospital launches

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Rangely District Hospital has announced the addition of prenatal care to its list of available patient services. The hospital’s Rangely Family Medicine clinic teamed up with Colorado West Woman Care in Grand Junction to offer expectant mothers the more convenient option of receiving routine prenatal check-ups with Dr. Brenda Hinton closer to home in Rangely.
Hinton and Clinic Manager Lois Pittman collaborated with the staff of Colorado West to make the partnership possible.
“It didn’t make sense to send patients out for care we could provide here,” Hinton said.
Patients will receive an initial examination at Colorado West Woman Care. As long as women are healthy and their pregnancies are not high-risk, Hinton will then provide routine prenatal checkups up to 36 weeks before delivery.
“Living in a rural area like Rangely, women need health care options that offer convenience and accessibility,” said Pittman. “Receiving routine care within minutes from home provides patients both.”
In the future, Rangely Family Medicine hopes to offer prenatal care in conjunction with other Grand Junction practices, Pittman said.
Patients who want to begin the process can start by contacting Colorado West Woman Care at (800) 742-2299. Following the first appointment, arrangements can then be made with at Rangely Family Medicine, 675-2237.