Rangely elementary students interview seniors

Young biographers with their subjects: (left) Moriah Vaughn with Tom Collins and Norm Hal; (left top row) Madison Hickson with Kaye Nickson and Richard Nickson; Tessa Page and Rachel Palmer; (middle left) Jayleen Kenney and Wilford Ingra; Wyatt Lewis and Carol Jensen; (bottom left) Olivia Jarvis and Betty Jo Hackford and Caeleigh Donovan with Carol Steele.

About three weeks ago, these students undertook a writing project wherein each child interviewed a senior citizen at the Radino Senior Nutrition site. Their assignment was to prepare a biography booklet with information gleaned from the interview. The kids worked really hard on their projects.
Wednesday, May 11, the children returned to Radino to present the completed biographies to the 17 senior citizens participating in the project. Lunch was provided for the students and their teacher.
Some of the comments overheard from the students included: “I’m really having fun.” “Seniors are nice people!” “The hamburgers are the best.” “I wish we could do this again!” “I learned a lot of interesting things about people who grew up without TV.”
Seniors were also heard commenting. “These are the best-behaved kids in a school group we’ve ever seen.” “I really enjoyed sharing my history.” “I hope the kids will come again.”
It is certainly safe to say that a good time was had by all.