Rangely filmmaker shows movie

RANGELY I On May 5, the Rangely community had the opportunity to experience a film directed by one of its own residents, Peter Forbes.

“The Screenwriters,” directed by Forbes, has been presented at several film festivals throughout the United States and was a treat for early local viewers.
The Rangely School District presented the film with approximately 80 people in attendance. The film, set in 1940s Hollywood, is the story of two writers who find themselves with only 24 hours to write a screenplay or lose their jobs.
The two writers, who have very different viewpoints on the writing process, are forced to work quickly and develop something sensational.
The movie was reviewed by Brianna da Silva, a popular movie critic, who stated that the ultimately meaningful story was told with a unique classiness that reflects the period of its setting.
She also said that the creative look used throughout the movie gives it the feel of high production quality, a strong compliment for the film.