Rangely HS hosts Knowledge Bowl

By Kaylee Mecham
Special to the Herald Times
RANGELY | Rangely High school hosted a Knowledge Bowl meet on Friday, Jan. 12. The club was brought back last year by Kyle Boydstun and Katie Toyne. It was the first meet to be held in Rangely for nearly a decade.
Knowledge Bowl meets consist of a written round and four oral rounds of questions. Four-person teams take a multiple choice test and then are split into rooms based on test scores. The teams with the three highest scores at the end of each round compete against each other in the top room. Three teams compete in each room, trying to beat each other to the buzzer. The first team to buzz in answers the question. If they are incorrect the other teams get a chance to answer. Each correct answer is worth one point.The team with the highest score at the end of the day wins the meet.
Moffat County and Steamboat High Schools made the trip to Rangely to compete. All three schools had two teams competing. Rangely’s A team scored an impressive 85 points, nine points higher than their previous best of 76 points. Rangely A boasted the highest score on the written round of the day, but Steamboat A ultimately won the meet.