Rangely Hurricanes…

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phRGswimteamMSOn June 15, five Rangely Hurricanes traveled to Ouray for their first swim meet of the season.

For three of the swimmers, it was their first swim meet ever: Angelina Fortunato (7), Ashlynn Ducey (7) and Jackson Aguirre (8). The veterans swimming were Ryann Mergelman (8) and Travis Coates (11). It was a small, fast-paced meet, great for the new swimmers to get their first times and for the veterans to take time off. The four 8-and-under swimmers were able to put a 100-meter freestyle relay together, capturing third place. Ryann Mergelman also took third place in the 50-meter backstroke and fifth in the 25-meter backstroke. The Rangely Hurricanes will compete this weekend in Craig.