Rangely Middle School School Supply List 2008

Editor’s Note: The Herald Times will publish its annual back-to-school section on Aug. 14. What follows on pages 12A and 13A is a list of school supplies, as of presstime. A complete list will be published in the Aug. 14 back-to-school section.

Rangely Middle School School Supply List
All Grades
2 binders: 1.5- 2 inch, three rings. Please no trapper keepers.
2 sets of subject dividers
2 pencil bags or some other way to keep all of your supplies (one for each binder)
No. 2 pencils (lots!) If you choose mechanical pencils, don’t forget the lead
Package of No. 2 pencils of 24 count or more (these will be collected)*
2 black or blue pens
2 folders w/pockets
Colored pencils
1 red pen
1 personal pencil sharpener
2 glue sticks (one will be collected) *
Ruler with centimeters and inches
2 looseleaf notebook paper wide rule for home and school, at least 200ct ***
Graph paper (you will need some for both your math and science binder)
Hi-lighters (one each) yellow, pink, green, blue
Paper reinforcers
Backpack: The backpack is for bringing your books to and from school, not to take to your classes. Bags must be left in your locker.
Clothes and shoes for P.E.
4-5 stretch book covers (jumbo)
4 AAA batteries (for school calculators, to be collected)*
3 large pink erasers

*** Items need to be replenished throughout the year
* Items will be collected

Hints for success:
Keep your supplies replenished throughout the school year
Have a dictionary at home to use for English homework
Most teachers require pencil on all written work
Be organized! Planners will be provided
Be on time to your classes with all required materials