Rangely Panthers golf in full swing

RANGELY | The Rangely Panthers golf team season has been in full swing for several weeks with many learning opportunities for younger golfers and competitive opportunities for older members. Each course and each tournament experience has led these golfers to practice feverishly and keep striving for that lower score.
The Rangely Panthers team consists of both Rangely High School (RHS) and Meeker High School (MHS) members in the absence of an MHS team. Members include: Phil Arnold (MHS), Elijah Deming (MHS), Raydn Ganser (RHS), Pete Hanks (MHS), Nick Massey (MHS), Carson Palacios (RHS), Gabe Richardson (MHS), Tanner Ridgeway (MHS), Kyle Wangnild (MHS), Marshall Webber (RHS), and Wyatt Sufelt (RHS).
The season began Aug. 17 with a dual in Rangely at Cedar Ridges Golf Course vs. Vernal, with all golfers hitting the links. Scores included Arnold 92, Massey 97, Ganser 98, Deming 104, Webber 107, Ridgeway 108, Hanks 116 and Richardson 150.
The next dual was held at Dinaland Golf Course in Vernal on Aug. 23 with eight golfers attending. Recorded scores included Arnold 89, Massey 99, Ganser 99, Deming 104, Hanks 111 and Ridgeway 138.
On Aug. 28, golfers traveled to the Rifle Creek Golf Course for their first tournament with several western Colorado high schools competing. The back nine proved challenging but Panther Golfers had a good showing with Arnold 91, Massey 96, Webber 113 and Deming 122.
The Panthers attended the Yampa Valley Golf Course in Craig for their next tournament on Sept. 5. The golfers sheared several strokes off their game for the season with Massey 83, Arnold 85, Ridgeway 99, Hanks 104 and Webber 125.
The Panthers travel to the Dos Rios Golf Club in Gunnison on Sept. 12 and junior varsity members will compete at Chipeta Golf Course in Grand Junction on Sept. 14.
The regional tournament will be at Dos Rios Golf Club in Gunnison on Sept. 17.
The team and all parents thank head coach Mark Skelton for his support for this next generation of golfers. All members have had valuable time on several courses and the chance to pursue this challenging sport.

By MARY CUNNINGHAM | Special to the Herald Times