Rangely Review: December 25

Who says seniors don’t
know how to party? Forty-two senior citizens and their guests had a great Christmas party at the Radino nutrition site on Tuesday evening, Dec. 16. Pat Atherton and Irene Rose outdid themselves as hosts of this event which followed a big dinner at 5:30 p.m. The party rocked until 9 p.m.
Space limitations do not allow for an in-depth detailed account of the evening, but a few of the highlights follow. Accomplished pianist Ruth Meadows added great joy to the group with her wonderful renditions of classic Christmas music. Pat Atherton sang two solos, a cappella at that, including a medley of Christmas songs as well as “God Bless America.” Jessie and Sammy, two delightful young teenagers, joined the group and sang Christmas songs as well as Sugarland’s hit, “Why Don’t You Stay.” Tommy Collins sang “Jingle Bells‚“ in Swedish … which was, well, indescribable and certainly put everyone in the Christmas spirit.
A number of nice door prizes were awarded during the evening. Gift exchange was a game enjoyed by everyone including two gifts chosen at random that each contained a $20 bill — the lucky recipients were Rachel and Willie from Eagle Crest. Oh, I can’t forget the punch — no alcohol, of course—but a cranberry bowl laden with quarts of Mountain Dew along with all kinds of sweet, sweet goodies made for a perfect senior “high‚“ As the evening progressed, cold cuts and other goodies were served buffet style. Phyllis Smith made cute Christmas aprons and presented them to the cooks to wear for the occasion.
Santa Claus surprised everyone. He greeted each attendee individually, sat for pictures —one great pose was 93-year-old Dorothy Pickens seated on Santa’s lap. Bill Ormsby from Dinosaur and Tommy Collins provided guitar music while Wayne Nickson made the rounds and took memory snapshots of everyone.
Radino’s seniors want to wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and happy new year.