Rangely school board approves agreement

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The Rangely School Board and superintendent annually decide upon district goals in their board/superintendent agreement.
This year the board of education has outlined four major objectives to support academic achievement through post-high school success, parent involvement, district unity and community relations.
“We believe these objectives will advance student learning, increase community involvement and provide guidance for our district,” said board president Adair Norman.
The first objective charges the superintendent with evaluating the success of Rangely High School graduates. The superintendent will develop and conduct a survey of Rangely High School graduates that measures their success after high school in the areas of college, work or military service. This information will direct future boards and administrations in the development of programs designed to enhance success after high school.
The second objective places a requirement upon the superintendent to demonstrate a 95 percent parent involvement rate.
“Parent involvement has the highest correlation with our students’ academic success,” Norman said.
The third objective stresses the importance of a united school district operating under the culture of excellence as articulated in the Rangely school district vision and mission statements.
The fourth objective requires the superintendent to develop and implement a professional, effective, two-way communication program with the community.
“These objectives will support our ongoing efforts to improve student achievement and will unite the district and community around a common vision,” Norman concluded.
The board will be sharing the board/superintendent agreement with the community during their work sessions scheduled for Oct. 4 and Nov. 1.