Rangely Trustees regular meeting: May 18, 2021

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RANGELY | Town of Rangely Trustees Alisa Granger, Trey Robie, Andy Shaffer, Luke Geer, Keely Ellis, Richard Garner, and Tim Weber met May 11.

Commissioner Ty Gates (attending by phone) reported on the recently passed constitutional sanctuary resolution and a private landowner’s resolution that would allow private property owners to remove BLM wild horses from their property using nonlethal methods. Trustee Garner asked if any other county has acted in a similar way regarding the wild horses. Commissioner Gates did not believe any other county had passed anything similar. Gates spoke about the possibility of opening an opiate and mental health treatment center in Rio Blanco County. He also reported briefly about House Bill 1290 saying that Rio Blanco County is at Tier One and that there could be some money involved for the retraining of oil, gas, and coal industry employees.

The trustees unanimously decided to pass Ordinance 694 — changing land use zoning for 2825 Shale Dr. from industrial to county zone. After the ordinance is signed it will take 30 days before it is enacted. There was no discussion from the board or the public in this matter.

During trustee reports Ellis spoke about her visit to Montrose the previous Friday where she toured a solar manufacturing plant and a water treatment plant that uses not only solar but also geothermal energy. She said it was “very impressive” to see in person. Discussions following the past meeting about alternative energy prospects led Tina Carstens and Jocelyn Mullen to begin working on funding the prospective project. Shaffer said he believes they should keep pursuing this in the community. Resident Don Davidson spoke about the small footprint of this system and said that it could put people to work and secure Rangely’s economic future.

Town Manager Lisa Piering reminded attendees that a Facebook page has been set up for Jason and Marybell Cox’s (the Rangely Town Clerk/Treasurer) daughter Isabella to assist with costs associated with cancer treatments she is receiving in Utah. The page features a silent auction with many donated items that closes its bids on May 31. You can find the page by searching “For the Love of Isabella-Silent Auction”.

Marketing Coordinator Jeannie Caldwell reports that an article came out in Spoke and Blossom about the Town of Rangely. She said it’s a great article and about 7,000 people have viewed the article from the Town of Rangely Facebook page. Out There Colorado will have an article about Rangely, specifically about it being the “tire capital” of Colorado. She is working on two professional videos for the town focusing on why Rangely is awesome and why Rangely is a great place to do business. The east end entrance signage will be designed soon. Rangely Main Street and TREAD will be featured in a video by DOLA. Caldwell reports that ROAR had the largest attendance that they have ever had. Typically, they have 20 registrations and this year 90 people registered for the event. She shared that strategic advertising by the town and the Rangely Area Chamber of Commerce was credited for its success. Caldwell spoke about Main Street Colorado making a GIS map for Rangely which will be used across the state at Welcome Centers.

Town Manager Lisa Piering complimented Caldwell on what she has done since being hired as the town’s marketing coordinator.

Piering reports that department supervisors are staying busy. They are installing meter water pit before starting the main street project this spring. Summer projects are underway and the La Mesa and Main Street and Kennedy Drive projects are kicking off. She updated the trustees about the Rodeo Road fire that started last Saturday.

A community trash cleanup is scheduled from May 18-21. The Rally Colorado and Hill Climb events are returning this year. Rally Colorado events are scheduled June 4-6. Shaffer and Weber volunteered to be involved with upcoming discussions about the wolf reintroductions (CML). An acting DOLA representative will talk about the resiliency and road map of Rangely. Funding is limited but should help with community planning. The American Rescue Plan is rolling out and Piering said she will keep the council updated on the funds available from that. Piering announced that retired Meeker Police Chief Phil Stubblefield accepted the position of lieutenant with the Rangely Police Department and they happily welcomed him back to Rangely.

During new business the April 2021 check register was moved for approval by Weber and seconded by Garner. It passed unanimously.

A special event permit for the Crab Crack was moved for approval and passed unanimously.
Community Garden members and community residents planted the Main Street flowers last Friday. The Trustees thanked René Harden for all of her hard work in organizing the event.

By ROXIE FROMANG | Special to the Herald Times