Rangely wrestlers end season

RBC I The Rangely Youth Wrestlers recently traveled to Parachute to finish their 2013 season.
“I had a great day on the mat with the boys,” head coach Andy Lucero said. “They all improved a great deal and they did a great job this season.
It was so much fun coaching the little wrestlers this season and I hope to see them all next year,” he said.
In addition to medals and brackets, champions in the final tournament also receive a “hoodie” sweatshirt. Three young Panthers — Tyce Lucero, Landon Carlson and Clay Allred – earned sweatshirts.
Karver Lamoreaux, Marcos Quintana, Dontea Pearce, Justin Allred, Breckin McElhaney, Kamden Williams and Tytus Coombs all finished as runners-up.
Corbin Lucero, Jaden Heredia, Camella Fortunato and Bryce Willis were all consolation champs in the last tournament of the season while Matthew Morgan, Landon Williams, Luis Quintana and Wyatt Zufelt all placed fourth.
Hudson Torsell, Jaxon torsell, Kobey Chism, Kasen LeBleu, Damon Maybury, Anthony Dorris, Drew Zadra, Collin Zadra and Tim Stieb all wrestled in Parachute, but they did not finish in the top four.
“I hope they all had a good time and learned a lot this season,” coach Lucero said.