Rasmussen marks 40 years with Rio Blanco County

RANGELY — What kind of man works in the same place for 40 years? Stanley “Stan” Rasmussen of Rangely is that kind of guy.
As of March 8, he has worked for Rio Blanco County for 40 years. He has been married to his wife for more than 30 years and raised two daughters and four grandchildren in Rangely. Rasmussen was born in Segal, Ky., and moved to Rangely when he was 1-year-old in 1946. He comes from a family of eight children.
Rasmussen began working for the county as a laborer and over the years worked his way up to his current position, serving the last 10 years as the district road and bridge supervisor.
He remembers the “old” Rangely and can’t believe some of the changes. He said when he was a kid the north side of Main Street was all alfalfa fields and the only developed part of the Main Street was the building where True Value currently sits.
When he began with the county in 1968 he said, “All the county had were old wooden bridges and the road that is now Highway 139 was a dirt cow track all the way up Douglas Pass.”
During his years with the county, he has operated every piece of equipment in the department and he has personally seen the county go through three road graders and two bulldozers.
His current position is to maintain all roads and bridges to safety standards in western Rio Blanco County. How does a person spend 40 years with one employer? “Forty years is nothing,” he said, “just time gone by and another day in your life.”
Rasmussen is a humble man who refers to himself as a loner. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, taking walks in the hills with his dog looking for rocks. He also enjoys hunting and fishing.
Rasmussen looks forward to working on our roads and bridges for many years to come.