Razz: More than just a new menu

The former Ace Hi Steakhouse and Lounge is now the Razz Tavern and Grill. Owners Jodi and Ronnie Rasmussen say they have updated the menu and created a more family-friendly atmosphere.
RANGELY I At first glance, the Razz Tavern & Grill may still look like the Ace Hi Steakhouse and Lounge, with its familiar brick front, wood siding and marquee. But a closer look shows that things are changing. The evergreen bushes out front have been replaced by hanging plants and metal tables and chairs. A defunct dartboard is gone, replaced by a jukebox. The restaurant feels brighter and more open.
Cosmetic changes are the first step in Jodi and Ronnie Rasmussen’s plan to give the Razz Tavern & Grill more than just a new name.
The former Nail Shop owner and retired Chevron employee took over the business from longtime Ace Hi owners John and Teresa Broderick on May 14. Since then, the Rasmussens have focused on cleaning out old equipment, revising the menu and bringing in new entertainment.
“It’s been a lot of work,” Jodi Rasmussen said. “But we’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come in three months. The town’s been awesome. We’ve had a lot of local support.”
The Razz Grill menu now includes fresh vegetables and premium meats, Rasmussen said. It’s also catering to a broader clientele.
“We’re doing quality things, like Angus beef and hand-battered chicken fried steaks,” Rasmussen said. “But our main focus is to make it a family-friendly establishment. We want the community to feel comfortable bringing their family in to eat and enjoy themselves.”
The Razz Tavern & Grill is open and serves food seven days per week. It currently employs 15 people, including two new cooks, but if business continues to pick up, the Rasmussens will hire more bartending and wait staff in the next month.
Rasmussen said that more extensive renovations will begin once they close on the business later this month. These will include a new kitchen, new booths and tables in the restaurant area, tall tables and televisions in the bar area and patio dining.
“It will be more modernized,” Rasmussen said. “At the same time, it will still be rustic and have that kind of a feel.”