RBC Days Gone By: October 20, 2008 Edition

The Meeker Herald —
100 years ago
n “It was hoped by members of both parties that this campaign would pass off without any bitterness or mud slinging being indulged in.”
n Potato digging has been in order for the past few days, people being afraid the ground would freeze hard enough to get the potato.
n “There is now oil drilling machinery at White River. Likely things will be on the boom soon, as oil and gas are known to hidden there and it is not guess work.”
n The Meeker Hotel is doing an overflow business these days.
n Queer professions are many and various, but there can be few more queer than one which is now being advertised in Paris — that, namely, of professor of massage for dogs.

The Meeker Herald —
50 years ago
n Junior Hi School News articles: “Why I shouldn’t talk in class without permission,” by George Rienau; “Why I am in school,” by Otto Shults; “Narcotics and alcoholism,” by Phillip Palmer.
n Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Groves sold their Buford property to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tucker of Denver.
n Winners of the Fire Prevention Week poster and essay contest were Steve Overton and Chris Brubaker, first-grade; Mary K. Villa and Kathy Pares, second-grade; Dick Watt and Alan Howey, third-grade.
n Bill Jordan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jordan, had knee surgery in Grand Junction following a football injury.
n Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Collins announced the engagement of their daughter, Patty Collins, to Marlin George, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred George of Meeker.

The Meeker Herald —
25 years ago
n Darryl Massey’s 5-year-old daughter Sonja had her picture taken with her daddy’s six-point elk.
n Headline: “School mil levy drop expected; major budget problems foreseen in future.”
n MHS principal Jim Hanks expressed concerns about student abuse of No-Doz caffeine tablets during an all-school assembly. The health risks of caffeine abuse were presented by various speakers.
n Jarrod Nay, Oct. 19; and Garrett Kiser, Oct. 17; celebrated their first birthdays back in 1983.
n Crowned MHS homecoming king and queen for 1983 were Wade Bradfield and Marnell Day.

The Rangely Times —
50 years ago
n Merrill Anderson, Kenneth Knoblock, J.L. Lockett, Herb Rooks and Arnold Weiss were elected to the District RE-4 Board of Education.
n Sue Collins was RHS homecoming queen and her attendants were Elaine Richardson, Janet Sizemore, Phyllis Hurt and Kathleen Merkley.

The Rangely Times —
35 years ago
n The Bank of Rangely celebrated its 10th anniversary with free cake, coffee and punch and giveaways of four $25 savings accounts.
n Montgomery Ward Christmas catalogs were available for pick-up at the Hayes Agency.
n Carl Fellows showed off the six-point buck he shot east of Meeker. The deer dressed out at more than 250 pounds.

The Rangely Times —
20 years ago
n Rangely High School senior Dale Long of Dinosaur made the front page of the Oct. 13, 1988 paper with his first elk. The “Blue Mountain Bull” was a 6-point with a 44-inch spread.
n Voters were being asked to consider passing the so-called Tabor amendment, or “Taxpayer Bill of Rights.” It proved to be a nightmare for most tax-funded entities.
n Evan David Halcomb was born Oct. 9, 1988, to Jerry and Lisa Halcomb of Rangely. Robert William Burch was born Oct. 12, 1988 to Bruce and Dianna Burch of Rangely.
n James Love and Shae Brown were crowned Rangely High School homecoming royalty for 1988.

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