RBC issues more than $200K in grants

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RBC I With interest rates at less than one-half of one percent, $18 million (the principal amount in the County Capital Improvement Trust Fund CCITF) does not generate the kind of revenue it used to bring in.
Rio Blanco County commissioners Shawn Bolton, Ken Parsons and Kai Turner recently heard requests from seven Meeker and Rangely non-profit organizations requesting more than $286,000 in grants. With only $50,000 of CCITF funds available, the commissioners created the County Discretionary Grant Fund to help at least partially fund all but one request, eventually granting more than $205,000.
The Rangely Fire Protection District request for $100,000 to help purchase a new fire truck was the only request which was fully funded. The Rangely Water Conservancy District’s request for $38,425 for a fishing dock was the only request to not receive any funding.
The Meeker School District requested $26,195 for a 800mhz radio system and were granted $22,165. Pioneers Medical Center received $4,000 for equipment after requesting $5,900. The Rangely District Hospital ambulance service requested $31,350 for a cardiac monitoring system and were granted $18,000.
The Town of Meeker requested $75,000 to help fund a $650,000 paving project and received $55,000 and the Rangely Library requested $9,375 and will receive $6,000 to replace windows and siding.
In other county news, Rio Blanco County administrator Kimberly Bullen said the Rangely Outdoor Museum has a new roof and work is wrapping up on the announcer’s booth and horse stall barn at Columbine Park.
Bullen said the commissioners signed a contract with an architect to design the geothermal field on the courthouse lawn in Meeker which will replace the heating and cooling system in the courthouse and serve any future expansion. According to Bullen the architect will also design the bid documents to drill and install the geothermal field, which should start after the first of the year.
“We drilled a test well last year and it came back with better than expected results, which will result in a quicker payback than first thought,” Bullen said.