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Activity for April 16-22
Friday, April 16
RBSO-8:26 a.m.-Motorist assist at 51300 Hwy 139, Rangely
RBSO-8:39 a.m.-Trespass at 7800 County Rd. 23, Rangely
RBSO-9:13 a.m.-Traffic complaint at 40000 Hwy 13, Meeker
MPD-11:45 a.m.-Citizen assist at 903 Third St., Meeker
RBSO-12:20 p.m.-Citizen assist at 32100 Hwy 64, Rangely
RBSO-1:25 p.m.-Animal call at County Rd. 100 and Hwy 139, Rangely
RBSO-1:40 p.m.-Civil situation at 4000 County Rd. 4, Meeker
MPD-7:14 p.m.-Liquor/MIP violation at 43000 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-8:11 p.m.-Assist DOW at 5000 County Rd. 27, Rangely
MPD-10:41 p.m.-Disturbance at 908 Market St., Meeker
Traffic Stops: 24 total. RBSO: 13; MPD: 11.
Saturday, April 17
MPD-1:13 a.m.-Disturbance at 781 12th St., Meeker
RBSO-1:15 a.m.-Assist MPD at 781 12th St., Meeker
MPD/MVFR-8:59 a.m.-Ambulance call at 480 Sixth St., Meeker
MPD-9:12 a.m.-Assist DOW at 35800 Hwy 13, Meeker
MPD-10:06 a.m.-Civil situation at 1036 Park Ave., Meeker
MPD-11:20 a.m.-Animal call at 1423 Mountain View Rd., Meeker
RBSO/MVFR-11:48 a.m.-Ambulance call at 22000 County Rd. 5, Meeker
MPD-12:58 p.m.-Suspicious incident at 101 Ute Dr., Meeker
MPD-3:17 p.m.-Animal call at 385 Sixth St., Meeker
RBSO-3:53 p.m.-Abandoned vehicle at County Rd. 23A and County Rd. 46, Rangely
MPD-4:32 p.m.-Property case at 555 Main St., Meeker
MPD-4:42 p.m.-911 hang-up call from 345 Cleveland St., Meeker
MPD-5:38 p.m.-Animal call at 782 10th St., Meeker
RBSO-9:08 p.m.-Accident with property damage at 550 School St., Meeker
MPD-10:19 p.m.-Hit and run accident at 390 Market St., Meeker
RBSO-11:15 p.m.-Traffic arrest at 48000 Hwy 13, Meeker
Traffic stops: 22 total. RBSO: 21; MPD: 1.
Sunday, April 18
RBSO-12:56 a.m.-Accident with property damage at 42000 Hwy 64, Rangely
MPD-1:03 a.m.-Disturbance at 687 Garfield St., Meeker
RBSO-1:09 a.m.-Assist MPD at 687 Garfield St., Meeker
MPD-1:58 a.m.-Liquor/MIP violation at 285 Sixth St., Meeker
RBSO-2:07 a.m.-Disturbance at 616 E. Main St., Rangely
RBSO-7:45 a.m.-Animal call at 800 County Rd. 8, Meeker
RBSO-9:11 a.m.-Assist MPD at 565 Park Ave., Meeker
RBSO-11:58 a.m.-Civil situation at 4039 County Rd. 4, Meeker
RBSO-2:53 p.m.-VIN inspection at 8640 County Rd. 2, Rangely
MPD-3:26 p.m.-VIN inspection at 901 County Rd. 11, Meeker
RBSO-4:05 p.m.-DUI at 2000 Hwy 64, Rangely
MPD-4:29 p.m.-Animal call at 223 Main St., Meeker
RBSO-10:03 p.m.-Assist RPD at 118 W. Bell, Rangely
Traffic stops: 11 total. RBSO: 11.
Monday, April 19
RBSO-8:32 a.m.-Harassment at 44284 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-12:01 p.m.-Traffic arrest at 31000 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-1:23 p.m.-Assist MVFR at 6232 County Rd. 8, Meeker
MPD-4:16 p.m.-VIN inspection at 780 Market St., Meeker
RBSO-5:40 p.m.-Accident with property damage at 33000 Hwy 64, Rangely
MPD-6:40 p.m.-Harassment at 781 12th St., Meeker
MPD-7:16 p.m.-Suspicious incident at 781 12th St., Meeker
MPD-8:03 p.m.-Animal call at 185 Water St., Meeker
RBSO-11:49 p.m.-Assist CSP at 65000 Hwy 13, Craig
Traffic stops: 11 total. RBSO: 10; MPD: 1.
Tuesday, April 20
RBSO-7:50 a.m.-Suspicious incident at County Rd. 7 and Hwy 64, Meeker
MPD-8:05 a.m.-Animal call at 223 Main St., Meeker
RBSO-8:11 a.m.-VIN inspection at 6310 County Rd. 7, Meeker
RBSO-1:40 p.m.-VIN inspection at 555 Main St., Meeker
MPD-4:21 p.m.-Assist CSP at 36000 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-6:00 p.m.-Traffic complaint at 25000 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO/RAMB-6:38 p.m.-Ambulance call at 3607 County Rd. 65, Rangely
MPD/MVFR-7:08 p.m.-Ambulance call at 100 Ute Dr., Meeker
RBSO-9:53 p.m.-Citizen assist on Douglas Pass near Rangely
Traffic stops: 12 total. RBSO: 7; MPD: 5.
Wednesday, April 21
MPD/MVFR-6:10 a.m.-Assist CSP at 45900 Hwy 13, Meeker
MPD-8:21 a.m.-Animal call at 700 Park Ave., Meeker
RBSO-10:17 a.m.-Traffic hazard at 34000 Hwy 64, Rangely
RBSO-3:27 p.m.-Suspicious incident near Rangely
RBSO-5:17 p.m.-Fire at 39000 Hwy 13, Meeker
RBSO-9:07 p.m.-Suspicious incident at 4000 County Rd. 23, Rangely
RBSO-9:37 p.m.-Traffic complaint at 38000 Hwy 13, Meeker
Traffic stops: 8 total. RBSO: 3; MPD: 5.
Thursday, April 22
RBSO-8:33 a.m.-911 hang-up call from 132 County Rd. 46, Rangely
RBSO-9:45 a.m.-911 hang-up call from 19445 County Rd. 5, Meeker
MPD-10:10 a.m.-Civil situation at 984 Karen Court, Meeker
MPD-10:13 a.m.-Assist other agencies at 1291 Park Ave., Meeker
RBSO-3:11 p.m.-VIN inspection at 71746 Hwy 64, Meeker
RBSO-4:07 p.m.-Motorist assist at 202 E. Market St., Meeker
Traffic stops: 1 total. MPD: 1.

RPD did not submit blotter information for this week.

CSP-Colorado State Patrol
RBSO-Rio Blanco County Sheriff
MPD-Meeker Police Department
MVFR-Meeker Volunteer Fire and Rescue
RAMB-Rangely Ambulance
RPD-Rangely Police Department