RBC Public Health update

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As the state prepares to transition into the next phase of COVID-19 response, Public Health Director Alice Harvey met virtually with community stakeholders to answer questions, provide an update on case status, and to share information on the Protect Our Neighbor framework that will be the next phase of reopening in Colorado if metrics remain manageable. 

Within a few hours of that meeting, the county announced the fourth laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19 in Rio Blanco County. Public Health is still in the process of testing individuals associated with those cases and has conducted 40 tests between Meeker and Rangely.

“We could very likely see some additional cases this week,” Harvey said.

At this time there is no evidence of community transmission of the disease. The three positive cases were acquired outside the county.

“It’s all around us — Vernal, Grand Junction, Rifle, and Salt Lake City are locations we’ve seen people bringing it from,” Harvey said. As people come in for Fourth of July celebrations from areas that have a higher incidence of the disease, our risk locally will increase.

“Everyone needs to be taking general precautions because it is here. It’s a constantly changing landscape.” 

“Masks are recommended. The reality is, we’re going to do a lot better if we start wearing masks. Will it [masks] be required, likely not, but it will continue to be recommended throughout,” Harvey said. “Mask wearing, social distancing and hand hygiene will go a very long way. The take-home point is we’re all at risk.”

By HT Staff | editor@ht1885.com