RBC selling herbicide

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The Rio Blanco County Weed Department will be selling herbicide on Thursday mornings 7 a.m. – 11 a.m. at the Meeker Fairgrounds and at the Road and Bridge Building in Rangely after 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. Folks from the west end of the county will need to call in with their orders by 4 p.m. Wednesday, for delivery and pick up on Thursday afternoon in Rangely.
To place your order, call 970-878-9670. Cost share dollars are available for selected products while they last. Dyes, adjuvant, non-selective and 2,4-D based herbicides do not qualify for cost share dollars. In order to qualify for cost share dollars, a weed management plan must be completed and approved prior to purchase. For private landowners preparing a management plan, a 50 percent herbicide program is available up to a maximum cost share level of $500. For individuals purchasing herbicides without a management plan, a 25 percent cost share rate will be given, up to a maximum of $250.
Due to the popularity of this program cost share dollars will be available on a first-come first-served basis. In order to assure that county dollars are being used wisely, the weed management plan requirement will ensure that the most effective herbicides will be applied using the most efficient control methods. A weed management plan consists of a site plan or map of the property with noxious weed species labeled in the locations they occur and a narrative about management methods, timing and application rates of herbicides being used for each noxious weed target. Assistance in developing management plans can be obtained from the County Weed Department 970-878-9670 or CSU Extension 970-878-9490.
Management Plans Check List:
1) Sketch a map of the weed project. Note: does not need to be to scale or fancy, simple is usually best. Trees, crops, roads, property lines, streams and ditches should be labeled. Map must include weed species and location and approximate acreage.
2) List Herbicide name(s), rates and timing for each treatment, and other integrated methods that are part of your plan.
3) Turn in your Noxious Weed Management Plan to the Weed or Extension office for review or bring it with you when you receive your herbicide order.
There are many benefits for the Weed Management Plan requirement. It helps you prioritize control efforts, it helps you plan and organize your efforts, saving time and money while increasing your weed knowledge ensuring good land stewardship practices.