RDA/RDC help new business pay rent, nominate new member

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RANGELY | Last month Dan and Bobbie Fiscus approached the Rangely Development Agency seeking help with starting a new equipment rental business on Main Street. On Thursday the RDA approved helping the Fiscus’ by assisting with rent payments for first six months of business operation. They also recommended the Fiscus’ work with the Small Business Development Center to create a complete business plan. 

Better City has been developing a plan to bring a call center to Rangely. According to Town Manager Peter Brixius they are beginning the recruitment process and have several leads.

The RDA is seeking bids to review potential changes to RDA organization and operations. Town Attorney Paul Benedetti estimated attorney fees at $20,000-25,000. They are waiting for pricing from another attorney who was described as having extensive renewal authority experience.

Tim Webber resigned his positions on the RDA and RDC. Keely Winger, who currently works for the County Economic Development Department, was nominated to replace Webber. Winger will need to be confirmed by the Town Council.

The RDA discussed to applying for candidate status of the Main Street Program. The program is geared towards helping communities revitalize their downtown areas. The candidate tier focuses on organizational structure, leadership, finances, partnerships and resources. The town initiated participation in the Main Street Program several years ago. They talked about starting a smaller committee to head up the effort that could meet more regularly and focus in on the program specifically. The town council will have to approve the application to the program and encouraged the council to do so.

They met with Darin Carei of Senergy Builders regarding the workforce housing agreement in which the RDA helped fund six townhomes rented at affordable prices. The town currently manages the properties for a fee. The agreement is ending in the coming months. According to Carei Senergy is considering selling the properties saying they took a financial loss on the homes last year. He said he did believe the rental demand in Rangely will go up soon and was interested in working with the town to repeat the agreement if the market improves. According to Brixius the town received approximately $45,000 in property tax from the properties.