RDH changes name, hosts open house

RANGELY | Last week the Rangely District Hospital unveiled its new name: Rangely Community Medical Health and Wellness Center. According to CEO Nick Goshe the new name is designed to reflect the variety of services performed by staff and, “showcase that the taxes go to support more than just the hospital. Think family practice clinic, EMS with 911 service, assisted living, long term care, home health, physical therapy, retail pharmacy plus all the hospital services, all functioning under one levy,” he said.
The new name came as the result of a contest held by staff members to rebrand the hospital.
The name change will come with a request for additional funding on next November’s ballot. “As rural hospitals struggle we will also be educating the public on the need for a greater operating levy to support said services,” said Goshe.
The Rangely Community Medical Health and Wellness Center will host a town hall style public meeting on June 21 at 6 p.m. to introduce the community to the new name and remind them of the many services available locally.
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