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RANGELY I The board of education has a responsibility to assure that the educational system meets or exceeds the community’s expectations. The superintendent is responsible for garnering the support of staff, utilizing resources in a prudent and effective manner and accurately communicating results to the community. The board of education has identified several key measures that would indicate a successful educational system. This year they have placed an emphasis on the following aspects: academic achievement, parent involvement, academic support for the top third and community relations.
n Academic Achievement: Academic assessments are a structural component of the educational program offered by Rangely School District. The most prominent state and national assessments are TCAP and ACT respectively. The school district uses these measures to evaluate if a student has learned at an appropriate rate, and if a school and district should be accredited at the highest level. The results of the TCAP and ACT provide the public with a mechanism for evaluating their return on investment. The board of education supports these foundational assessments, but believes that a more accurate reflection of return on investment requires the consideration of post high school success, parent involvement, top third student academic success and community relations. Post high school success includes vocational education, junior college, university, career and work, military and family successes. The next three items represent the targets identified by the board of education for the school district to achieve in the 2012/2013 school year in order to meet or exceed community expectations.
n Parent Involvement: The board of education understands that parents have the most impact on the educational achievement of their students. The board of education charges the superintendent with demonstrating significant improvement with parent involvement.
n Student Academic Support with an emphasis on the top third: The board of education affirms its responsibility to assure that each student is provided with the opportunity to reach his/her academic potential. The focus of federal programs are predominantly targeted toward the bottom third of students, and the target of state programs are frequently directed at helping students reach proficiency. Therefore, the school district shall develop and/or enhance programs to serve the students at the top third; thereby, assuring that all students are given the opportunity to reach their full potential. The board of education charges the superintendent with demonstrating significant improvement for students who are in the academic top third.
Community Relations: The board of education believes that the school district belongs to its community. An informed community is better able to direct, support and influence the school district through the board of education. Therefore, the board of education charges the Superintendent with effective two-way communication with the community. The board of education charges the superintendent with demonstrating significant improvement with community relations.
The Rangely School District’s dedicated and professional staff is working diligently to provide an educational opportunity for your children that will prepare them for success after high school.