Recreate close to home, CPW says

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RBC | Everyone looking for recreational activities in Colorado is reminded to stay close to home and to know the local county and municipal restrictions on travel and access before heading out.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife properties are open for recreation with a few exceptions for seasonal restrictions. Visitors should observe Governor Polis’s Stay-at-Home Order, and social distancing order and face-covering recommendations as well as local restrictions and property regulations. Currently, camping is not allowed in any state park or state wildlife area. The federal government has also placed camping and recreation restrictions on U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service and BLM lands.

“CPW wants people to get outside and exercise but to do it safely and within the rules,” said Cory Chick, Southwest Region manager for CPW. “People also need to understand that local governments have the authority to close certain roads and trails that provide access to recreation areas.”

For example, some counties have closed county roads that lead to state wildlife areas where people might go to fish, hunt or hike. Local law enforcement will enforce those road closures and violators could be ticketed. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding anglers, hunters and all other outdoor recreationists that it is your responsibility to research and understand the specific guidance, ordinances and restrictions in place for any planned local recreation activities.

Please, know before you go.

People should not venture far from their homes and must remember that Colorado’s rural areas are being affected by the corona virus just like bigger towns and the Front Range metro areas.

“We are asking people to be considerate of rural areas that have their own vulnerable populations and lack the healthcare resources that might exist in more populated areas,” said Rick Basagoitia, area wildlife manager in the San Luis Valley. “Please, take the Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order seriously.”

CPW is regularly updating information regarding recreation, hunting and fishing on its website, You can also check the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook page and on Twitter – @coparkswildlife.

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