Request for info about traveling gypsies

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This is a historical request for information about three wagons of traveling gypsies that came through the town of Meeker around 1946. My mother, Dorothy Kracht Archer, told me that she was about 13-14 years old when they came through town. They parked their wagons in front of Evelyn Chrysler’s trailer park at the time. Dorothy remembers how interesting they were to talk to and told me what they looked like, etc. Her mother, Aretta Findlay, was concerned, of course, with my mother’s well-being and told her to stay away from the gypsies as they “stole little children.” She said that later on she found out that her father, Gus Kracht, had given them permission to park their wagons in his hay field down the river at his ranch. They were on their way to Utah. Grandpa Gus Kracht gave them permission and also gave them milk, eggs and potatoes from his garden. Everyone told him not to do this, but being the kind person he was, he did anyway. Everyone said that the gypsies would steal him blind if he let them stay, but through his kindness, not one thing was missing from his ranch.
Anyway, I am writing some historical things down about my mother, Dorothy Kracht Archer, who is now 77 years old. I would like to know of any information recorded about this event, when the gypsies came through town.
Doyleen Archer Conover
Apache Junction, Ariz.
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