Residents, officials and CNCC staff speak up for Granger

RBC | A cadre from Rio Blanco County, Rangely and Colorado Northwestern Community College staffers gave the Moffat County Junior College Board an earful for college president Ron Granger Monday in Craig. Twenty five people stood in support of Granger.

Granger has been under attack from a contingent in Craig for months, culminating in a petition presented to the board last month by former CNCC marketing director and Craig city councilman Brian MacKenzie, who said he “could get 1,000 signatures” if needed. The petition had less than 30 signatures when presented.

Carol Sharp, the administrative assistant for student services in Craig, addressed the board.

“The board has told us several of us in public settings that we ‘drink the Kool-aid’ of CNCC. The board has said they ‘own the college.’ Board members have stated in public forums that their purpose for being on the board is to run President Granger out of town with his hat in his hand and his tail between his legs. If you have no other purpose but to destroy and degrade and make demeaning remarks, then please ask yourselves why, because I assure you it has nothing to do with the college.”

Sharp, and others, praised Granger for his leadership in times of financial challenges, saying he has brought new ideas and proven to be a great leader.

Rio Blanco County Commissioners Jeff Rector and Gary Moyer praised Granger’s leadership, as did Rangely Town Manager Lisa Piering. CNCC Foundation Board member Tim Webber said he doesn’t understand why Craig, with triple the population of Rangely, “can’t get it together.”

Craig resident Jane Hume said she didn’t perceive any attacks against Rangely, just requests for information.

“At every meeting someone has asked for the figures to see why our classes have disappeared, why this building all of a sudden seems empty. We want to know why. Every meeting someone on this board has asked for that information and we can’t get an answer. We’re trying to understand why we are failing as a community for our community college,” she said.

“From a county perspective I see where there was a community in Rangely that has supported CNCC for almost 60 years. Craig could learn a lot by looking at what Rangely did,” said RBC Commissioner Moyer.

By Niki Turner |