Restrooms closed after Meeker City Park targeted by vandals

MEEKER — Public Works Superintendent Russell Overton told Meeker’s Board of Trustees that the public restrooms at City Park have been closed after fires were intentionally set in both restrooms Jan. 25.
“We’ve had a lot of vandalism this winter,” Overton said. The restrooms are the target of vandals “three or four times a year” on average, according to Overton, but the attacks have escalated in the past two or three months. Overton said his department has had to deal with “everything from feces smeared on the walls” to the destruction of stainless steel mirrors that “looked like they were hit with a ball-peen hammer.”
As of now, the restrooms are boarded up. Overton said they’ll look at them in the spring to see what repairs need to be made. In the meantime, Town Admin-istrator Sharon Day said the police department will be “stepping up” patrols in the area and the town is considering other methods of catching the vandals, including cameras or offering a reward for information that leads to a conviction in the case.
“There’s somebody out there who knows what’s happening,” Day said.
The town board of trustees also approved the final plat for the Escondido Subdivision. The seven lots on 27 acres will be located adjacent to Sage Hills on the north and west sides. Regas Halandras, developer, thanked the board for the approval. “It’s been a long process,” Halandras said. “I think we’ve learned a lot, on both sides.”
The town is also seeking interested parties to fill a vacancy on the Meeker Housing Authority board. Contact Town Hall for more information. The board appointed Terry Goedert to fill the empty seat on the Meeker Planning Commission.