RHS boys remain undefeated in league play; 8-4 overall

Panther senior Patrick Scoggins led the team in scoring with 19 points during the game against the Debeque Dragons. MATT SCOGGINS PHOTO

Special to the Herald Times
RANGELY | The Rangely Panthers swept both of their games on Jan. 19 and 20. The weekend started off when the 8-1 Debeque Dragons showed up at the Panthers’ house. The game started extremely well for the Panthers who were off to the races, running the floor right off the bat. The Panthers jumped out scoring 21 points in the first eight minutes, but what was more impressive was the fact that they held the team with the leading scorer in the league to a zero point quarter.
Senior Patrick Scoggins said it best as he walked to the bench after the first buzzer exclaiming, “Now that’s a quarter.” However, the Panthers relaxed in the second quarter and allowed the Dragons 11 points in the remainder of the second half, but continued to outscore their opponent. At the half, the Panthers were up 35-11.
The second half started with the Dragons shooting technical free throws, because a player on the Rangely team grabbed the rim coming out of the locker room. Despite the rough start, the Panthers continued to force turnovers and run the floor, the Panthers sealed the deal by outscoring the Dragons 18-9 in the fourth quarter, winning with a score of 69-34. Patrick Scoggins once again led the team in scoring with 19 points. Kobe Broome and Devin Ramirez also put up double digit points with 14 apiece. Doug Denison added another eight points.
After their win at home, the Panthers traveled to play the North Park Wildcats in Walden. Much like their game against Debeque, the Panthers came out hot, scoring 20 points in the first quarter. The Panthers scored both in transition and out of their offense. The Panthers would hit a hot streak in the second quarter however, especially senior Kobe Broome. At the half, the Panthers already had three players scoring double digits, with Broome having 21 points. Going into the locker room, the Panthers were up 49-20.
After half time, things did not get much easier for the Wildcats, with the Panthers once again scoring more than 20 points in the third quarter, while holding the Wildcats to eight. Broome remained unstoppable through the third quarter and would not see playing time in the fourth. The younger Panther players were able to get some quality playing time in the fourth quarter and they were able to close out the game, winning 77-37. Kobe Broome led the team with a career high of 37 points, which consisted of nine 3-point buckets and five field goals. Patrick Scoggins and Devin Ramirez both put up 16 points. Senior Doug Denison absolutely owned the glass, pulling down 14 rebounds.
The Panthers move to an overall record of 8-4 and remain undefeated in league play. The Panthers will host Vail Mountain on Friday, Jan. 26 and travel to Plateau Valley Saturday, Jan. 27.