Rio Blanco County days gone by

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
• Nov. 6, 1959 was proclaimed Meeker Airport Day by Mayor Frank Kennedy. His mayoral proclamation requested that all Meeker business establishments except service stations close for an hour so that all proprietors and employees could visit the new airport and attend the dedication program and see the U.S. Army Grand Display.
• Timothy Higgs, 10-year-old son of Mrs. Pearl Turner, was injured when hit by a car on the Halloween “trick or treat.” The lad suffered contusions and a broken ankle. No charges were filed.
• The Cowboy Round-up: Ideal Girl, by Gary Wrhel: Eyes, Karen Carstens; Nose, Peggy Conrado; Hair, Heather Jensen; Smile, Sharon Norman; Teeth, Mary Ann Conrado; Personality, Judy Evenson; Best Dressed, Pat Mowbray; Brains, Paula Jensen; Best Figure, Susan Sizemore.
• Ideal Boy, by Heather Jensen: Eyes, John Almgren; Nose, Mark Sheridan; Hair, Ken Eisaguirre; Smile, Mr. Charles; Teeth, Chris Halandras; Personality, Bruce Clapper; Best Dressed, Bill Dunham; Best Looking, Walter Brown; Best Physique, Fred Oglesby; Best All Around, that would be confessing.
• Hunters and Plinkers were urged not to shoot hawks.

The Meeker Herald — 20 years ago
• “Cross the T’s and dot the I’s only thing left for LynMar contract.”
• The RE-1 school board adopted their home schooling policy.
• “Dear Mr. Cook, Thank you for letting us go to the Meeker Herald. It was really neat and pretty. It was neat when you put the picture in the waterlike. The red light made me dizzy but you are used to the red light. The big camera was neat. Sincerely, Jackie Bean, 3-1 Mrs. Strate.”
• “Dear Mr. Cook, I enjoyed the things you showed me. I thought the darkroom was the coolest. I am using the pencil you gave me right now. When I got home I told my parents all about my trip to your office. Yours truly, Neil Joy.”
• High temperature for the first week of November 1989, 57 degrees. Low, 14 degrees.

The Rangely Times — 50 years ago
• One sophomore and one junior were the only students in Rangely High School to receive straight A’s during the first quarter. They are Ronald Reams and Lynda Patton.
• Rangely won the first Northwest grid football championship under the guidance of coach Mike Wargo and assistant coach Phil Gose. The Panthers have the longest win streak in Rangely history going — six straight.
• “Contrary to some opinion, the goal of a good newspaper is not to become well liked, but respected; not to be inoffensive, but truthful. Only a newspaper that prints the news, without fear of criticism, openly presenting the facts for all to read, has kept faith with the highest traditions of journalism.”
• At Duncan’s Hardware and Furniture: Barcalounger chairs, priced to sell, Coleman bedroom furniture, wagon wheel bunk beds, $115.

The Rangely Times — 20 years ago
• Public radio is on its way to Rangely thanks to the response to the translator fund drive.
• In the last decade, health care expenses rose 111 percent, hospital rooms shot up a staggering 140 percent and auto repair expenses jumped 71 percent.