The Meeker Herald — 125 years ago
n A meeting was held at J.V. Houston’s office Monday night for the purpose of organizing a baseball club. Morris Dreifuss was elected treasurer and J.F. Houston, secretary. The following constitute the nine, and placed as they will play. C.G. Grymes, catcher; E. Long, pitcher; Morris Dreifuss, first base; J.V. Houston, second base; C.J. Henroid, third base; J.E. Tate, shortstop; Simp Harp, left field; B.C. Wakeley, right field; Charley Beall, center field.
n George D. Meitzler of Piceance Creek met with a bad misfortune Friday last in the burning of his house and furniture.
n County surveyor Clark commenced the official survey of the Meeker Town site Monday and completed the work Wednesday. This will settle all dispute as to the boundary of the town of Meeker and our citizens can now build and wake-up and not find their lot jumped for agricultural purposes. We hope to be able to give a complete description of the boundaries of the town soon.
n W.J. Veatch, formerly of Hot Sulphur Springs, Middle Park, has made a permanent location on Upper White about eight miles above town.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
n A beauty queen and Range Call rodeo season queen will be selected in two contests this week. The winner of the beauty contest will pick up a $100 savings bond. Two runners-up will each be awarded a $25 bond.
n In order to line up the Fourth of July parade as early as possible, parade chairman Sam Cron has issued a plea for those who have issued a plea for those who have entered the historical parade to give him a description of the entry soon.
n In a surprise move in the district court Wednesday, John McLean entered a plea of guilty to the crime of burglary.
n Nina Hauck and Eldon Leff were married at the Meeker Methodist Church Sunday.
n We are so very proud of our son, Michael Lugenbeel, age 10 years, for the wonderful deed he did Wednesday, May 31. He and his little sister “Rusty” were staying with their grandma. When Rusty fell to the ground and stopped breathing, Michael administered mouth to mouth respiration immediately and started her breathing again.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago
n District Court Judge Gavin Litwiler said that Deven Striegel had already been given a second change and he was not going to give him a third opportunity. He sentenced him to the middle range of the penalty range with four years in the state penitentiary.
n Following the recommendation of the their planning commission, the board unanimously voted to allow Mike Washburn, Darold Hedenskog and Bill Rucker to use the back room of A. Oldland and Company’s store to manufacture “Binney Bowstrings,” a nationally recognized product.
n For 32 years, the Wilderness Transit Bus Company has been an important transportation link between Meeker and other towns in northwest Colorado, a link that is about to be broken because of the high cost of liability insurance, which increased 283 percent in the last year.
n Miss Peggy Ann Clapper and Howard Stephen Kilduff exchanged wedding vows Friday, May 23 at the home of the bride’s aunt, Vina Johnson, on Flag Creek.
n Christyna Rose Bibb, daughter of Roni and Bill Bibb of Meeker, celebrated her first birthday last Thursday, June 12.

Rangely Times — 45 years ago
n Rangely College’s graduating class were honored at the third annual commencement exercise. Twenty-seven sophomores received diplomas.
n Troy Pollard was installed as president of the Rangely Lions Club June 7.
n Hardworking Jim Warner is responsible for taking care of Rangely’s attractive city park and he does a fine job of it.
n C. Glenn Fraser, former editor of the White River Press, filed charges against Meeker councilmen and mayoral candidates in the recent town election there. He claimed the 14 failed to file an election statement of expenses after the election.
n The First Baptist Church of Rangely was the setting for the June 11 wedding of Miss Karen Dawn White and Roy E. Harris.

Rangely Times — 35 years ago
n Plans are in full swing for the July 5 Rangely Bicentennial Days celebration. A parade will start the days activities.
n Maxine Enterline and Lucille Cook took honors today for having the most fives.
n Because the new recreational swimming pool will not be completed until next summer, the Western Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District will be offering bus rides to the Vernal swimming pool on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays of every week for the rest of the summer.
n At Bestway: Glad 30-gallon trash bags, $1.09; Shasta 12 oz. canned pop, six for 89 cents.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago
n As of June 6, there is a change of ownership in the Rangely Korner Drug Store from the Rooks to Stan and Debbie Peterson.
n “This is an open letter to the many young people who attended the dance at the marina last Saturday night. I wish to congratulate you on the way you behaved; you seemed to enjoy yourselves, you followed the rules and you helped clean up the area before you left. It is too bad I can not say the same for the ‘adults’ who also attended this dance.
n Tish King has added the Sears catalog to her Calico Teapot store.
n Doug and Toni Dembowski are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Amber Ann, and she was born June 14, 1986, at the Rangely District Hospital.
n Meeker won the Town Cup in the Third Maybe Annual Almost Meeker to Rangely Canoe Race, led by the first place team of Greg Fenchel and Curt Leet.