Rio Blanco County Days Gone By

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The Meeker Herald — 125 years ago

Owing to a landslide near Shosone, in the vicinity of Glenwood Springs, Monday, Meeker was without mail for three days. On Wednesday night, after the mails finally got through, they had accumulated to such an extent that the stage could not bring it all over in one load.

Neatness about the farmhouse, barns and yards creates a healthy farm atmosphere for all and especially for the children.

The mornings during the past half week have been pretty snappy.

Postmaster Fisk has bought the Sheridan residence and lots on Fifth Street.

Arrivals from Trappers Lake report the first snow of the season in that section.
The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

Rio Blanco County Fair will start on Friday of next week, Sept. 1.

The following letter was received recently by Don Wilson, manager of the A&W Root Beer stand from the A&W Root Beer company headquarters: “Congratulations on your recent Inspection Report which indicates overall excellence in both cleanliness and condition of your equipment and premises.”

A skeleton of a mammoth was found last week while digging a well at the Seighardt Klaus ranch five miles north of Craig.
The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

Steel work on the new Valley Grocery store got underway this week.

One of several Meeker ladies taking part in this week’s Dearfly golf tournament is Judy Morris. Fifty-three women took part in Wednesday’s tourney.

Buddy Ridings and Scott Bowman are on dry land again as the U.S.S. Enterprise has finally docked.
Rangely Times — 45 years ago

Editor’s note: Rangely and Rio Blanco County will be facing another boom within the next few years, one that may make the first one look like peanuts.

The Rangely Public Schools sponsored the annual cheerleading clinic held here Aug. 23-25. Schools represented were Basalt, Buena Vista, Carbondale, Craig, Fruita, Glenwood Springs, Kremmling, Meeker, Roaring Fork, Soroco, Steamboat Springs, Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Rangely. Registration totaled 65, the largest group to meet in Rangely.

Rangely Times — 35 years ago

State Representative Nancy Dick will return to Rangely on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1 to meet and talk with Rangely residents.

An interagency task force to prepare a supplemental environmental impact statement on possible in-situ development of oil shale on four tracts in Utah and Colorado has been organized by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The yard of the week goes to Pete and Carrie Miller at 210 Hillcrest.

Jim Lee, mayor of Dinosaur, presented Mrs. Irma Ledford with a bicentennial plaque for being the longest residing resident of Dinosaur.
Rangely Times — 25 years ago

If you suddenly meet a skunk face to face, stand still! If you don’t make any sudden movements, chances are good that the little mammal will continue on its way and leave you alone. At the slightest provocation, when threatened or startled, the skunk, by means of forceful muscular contractions will eject an obnoxious pale yellow spray through two tiny glands located at the base of the tail. The skunk can release one stream, or both simultaneously, to the sides or directly behind. With a range of 10-12 feet, the glands produce enough liquid for five or six consecutive discharges from each gland.

In local briefs by Orvilla Phipps: “Kay, I understand you are in the skunk business along with Richard Hoops. To date, Kay has reported killing an average of 10 skunks a day within the city limits. Saturday, Richard killed 13 skunks. Kenneth Phipps, who is not as quick on the draw, let one get away.”