Rio Blanco County Days Gone By

The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago
– Last Friday morning it was 15 below zero. Saturday, 6 below. Sunday turned mild, but on towards evening heavy winds set in, followed by somewhat of a blizzard and snow which fell to a depth of about 6 inches. When it cleared the mercury went on the toboggan and dropped to 27 below.
– The floods caused by the local ice gorge flooded out a number of people. The water backed up to the Vancleave and Harp ranches east of town, and caused the Harp family to vacate their home.
– The high school report for the month just ended is as follows: Enrollement, 48; average daily attendance, 47, number of tardies, 3.
– Leap Year Ball, Jan. 19 at the I.O.O.F. Hall. Full orchestra, program dance, gentlemen carry programs, ladies choice.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
– Richard Coleman, 14, has been named the winner of the annual statewide junior milling and baking contest.
– The cold wave which struck a great part of the U.S. This week didn’t miss Meeker with the government thermometer registered 28 below zero Wednesday morning.
– Miss Jo Ann Ottosen became the bride of Frederick C. Findlay at a pretty church wedding Dec. 28 at the Meeker Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
– Margaret Ann White recently became the bride of William Archer Murray.
– George Nay and Ray McKee won wrestling matches at Steamboat Friday.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago
– There was almost 9 inches of snow when packing operations started last Friday for the White River Winter Rendezvous drag race. Unfortunately, this past week’s warm weather, which reached a high of 48 degrees, has now knocked that total down considerably.
– The Meeker Fire Department responded to another structural fire this week on Tuesday afternoon at Don Carrol’s home on Strawberry Creek.
– Catch a kid being good nominees at Meeker Elementary School included Valerie Fend, John T. Washburn, Cameron Stout, Tommy Moore, Stan Garcia, Adam Trogdon, Same Dare, Randy Rust, Becky Taussig, Jody Miller, Denis Unrein, Andy Rubin, Sheila Dare, Ann Mohler, David Pattion and Travis Nielsen.

Rangely Times — 45 years ago
– High temperature Jan. 6, 20F. Low, -9.
– Valuation of the school district for 1966 increased more than $600,000 while the county valuation increased to a total of $62,013,515.
– Rangley College completed one dormitory and immediately announced plans for another to be finished early in 1967.
– In the obituary column we read that publication of the unlamented White River Press ceased with the Dec. 15 issue.
– Engagements announced: Goldie Wilder and Dennis Price, Becky Hubbard and Arthur McNeil, Barbara Ellis and Melvin Ludlam.
– Walter Weiss, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Weiss, is doing his student teaching at Loveland High School in the field of mathematics.

Rangely Times — 35 years ago
– Rangely residents were cautioned about the damage of water lines freezing from the main service into the houses during this period of below-zero weather and lack of snow cover.
– Sandra Murry and Jeff Mitchem were named students of the month for Rangely Middle School.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago
– Western Fuels reduced its Deserado workforce by 18 employees as part of a broad cost-cutting effort, according to general manager Palmer.
– Troy Pollard was the representative for the Douglas Creek Soil Conservation District.
– Randy Johns of Rangely was critically injured after climbing on a pump truck to watch one of his friends ride a motorcycle. The truck started before he could get down and he was caught and dragged through the mechanism.
– The winners of the 1986 Soil and Water Conservation Poster Contest were Clarence Hamilton Jr., Ryan Brause and Clint Eddy.