Rio Blanco County Days Gone By

The Meeker Herald — 125 years ago
n Pete Baker has been busy the past few weeks erecting ice house at the creamery and cattle sheds at the K—T home ranch.
n Lou Hahn of the forest service, spent a couple of days in town during the week.
n Mrs. and Miss Baer are home after several weeks spent in Denver and Salt Lake City.
n Mr. and Mrs. Moulton are home from Denver.
n Claude Rees made a brief visit to town during the week.
n Will someone see to it that Al Ellioson is registered. He wired us the other day that he expected to be here in time to vote for Wilson and entire Democratic tickets.
n During the week, C.F. Brown, Democratic candidate for treasurer, got caught in two of the bad storms which prevailed, with the result that he contracted a bad cold and had to get back to town without completing his circuit of the county. Mr. Brown had intended getting into every precinct in the county before election day. The sections that didn‘t see him will know the reason why.

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
n Elroy Rael of Avondale, which is near Pueblo, was in the Meeker area hunting last week. He was hunting in the Smith Gulch area which is about 15 miles west of Meeker when he saw this big buck and dropped it with a neck shot.
n The Colorado Supreme Court handed down a decision on Monday of this week which reversed Judge Clifford Darrow in his ruling in the White River Electric Assn. application for change of diversion of their water rights on the White River.
n Mrs. Nellie Idol left this week for her old home town in Stanberry, Miss., where she will visit her sister and brother as well as other relatives and friends for a few weeks.
n Mrs. Avery Wharton returned home Tuesday from Denver where she spent several days buying winter and spring merchandise for her Meeker store.
n The local 4-H members presented Mr. R.G. Lyttle, editor of the Meeker Herald with a plaque to show their appreciation to him for the publicity and promotion he gives to the 4-H program.
n Mr. and Mrs. Walter Agee and family arrived in Meeker Sunday after more than two years spent in Guatemala where they have been in missionary publication work.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago
n By virtue of their first place triumph in the NWL’s sub-district tournament last Saturday, Meeker’s girls’ volleyball team will host the No. 2 team from the GVL for the right to be one of the eight AA finalists in next weekend’s state tournament to be held in Colorado Springs.
n The Meeker Town Council met Tuesday evening and heard the opinions of two local citizens with regard to the swimming pool. Chuck Tate addressed the council during the public participation part of the agenda concerning double taxation for the pool operation while Mike McGruder presented a number of ideas concerning the pool’s enclosure and year-round operation.
n Police were busy Halloween night with a scuffle involving two juveniles who were fighting in the Circle K parking lot in which $100 worth of damage was done to the door of a pickup. Two arrests were made in this incident while another juvenile was also picked up the same night and turned over to his parents on a liquor law violation.
n Dick and Hazel Rosenlund’s son, Gene Rosenlund, and Terry Gallegos, president of Gallegos Research Group, are hunting in the Meeker area this season.

Rangely Times — 45 years ago
n Wayne Allred, 14-year-old son of Lawrence and Paula Allred of Rangely, bagged a fine deer Oct. 27, 1967, south of Rangely. The big buck had a 29-3/4 inch spread, with six points on one side and five on the other.
n The Rangely Times has two new correspondents, one serving the Red Wash area and the other for Dinosaur. Mrs. Laura Anselmi will write the Dinosaur news and Mrs. Don West will replace Mrs. Hugh Coy as Red Wash correspondent.
n The out-of-state hunter who recently bagged a prize Hereford bull south of Rangely wasn’t too happy about the whole thing. Reports were that the big bull belonged to a Douglas Pass rancher and the hunter had been required to purchase the bull after a hunting accident.
n Election of officers for the Rangely Quarterback Club was held Thursday night and Harry Peacock was named the head of the organization for the next year.
n J. Gentry of Meeker purchased the 1,440-acre Homer Davis ranch on Strawberry Creek at a sheriff’s sale Oct. 30. Purchase price was $60,500 for the real estate and all improvements.

Rangely Times — 35 years ago
n District Court Judge J.E. De Vilbiss signed the order creating the Water Users Association No. 1 of the Colorado River Water Conservation District Nov. 7, after presentation of evidence describing the proposed Rangely Reservoir and detailing the benefits of the project to the Rangely area.
n The Rangely Junior High girls’ basketball team brought home a double win over Meeker teams Nov. 5.
n The Rangely High School and CNCC faculty and staff have challenged the CNCC women’s varsity basketball team to a game that is sure to be full of fun and laughs.
n In the way of projects, the Recreation and Park District will be completing the 28-space overnight camper park in early spring. Also in the same area will be a river-side public picnic area with group and individual picnic area. In place of the old swimming pool location in the park, the district will be constructing a group picnic shelter and earth berm area.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago
n Shirley Sinclair traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah, last Friday and met Bob and Pat Russell. From there they drove to Irwin, Idaho, where they attended a Halloween party at Steve and Bonnie Bill’s new Palisade Lodge. The lodge consists of a restaurant, bar and motel. Shirley said they all had a great time helping Steve and Bonnie open their new business. She returned home Monday.
n Rich Lane of Rangely will perform with the Milburn Stone Theatre Company in the fall production of “Don’t Tell Mother” at Saint Mary of the Plains College in Dodge City, Kan.
n Like the prairie dogs, the museum will go into hibernation and emerge again on Groundhog Day in February 1988.
n Tom and Mary Ann Walz announce the birth of their son, Jordan Thomas Walz.