Rio Blanco on Patrol: June 8-22

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RBC I The following information is a weekly review of the calls for service that were reported to the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office. If you have any questions or would like an explanation of the call types listed please make a comment on this posting. We will not release any information as to the names and addresses on any incident.

June 8 at 8 a.m. through June 15 at 8 p.m.
Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office:
911 hangups 2; accident injuries 3; accident property damage 2; alarm 1; assist Meeker Ambulance 1; animal callss 7; animal cruelty 1; assist Colorado State Patrol 3; assist Meeker Police 2; assist Meeker Fire 1; assist Rangely Police 6; citizen assist 1, citizen contact 1; civil 1; burglary 1; disturbance 1; DUI 1; illegal dumping 1; jail transport 1; motorist assist 2; suspicious incidents 4; traffic complaint 1; traffic hazard 1; traffic stops 21; VIN inspections 2; and warrant arrests 1.
Total Calls: 69
General Synopsis:
A traffic stop outside of Rangley resulted in an arrest for DUI.
Rangely deputy assisted Rangely Police after an attempted traffic stop turned into a short pursuit in which the driver left the vehicle and a foot chase ensued. He was captured and transported to the Rio Blanco County Jail on a variety of charges, including driving on a suspended driver’s license.
A separate traffic stop also resulted in an arrest for the driver who also failed to stop because of a suspended driver’s license.
A report of a bear eating all of the reporting party’s chickens on Miller Creek is being investigated by Colorado Parks and Recreation.
Meeker Fire and Rescue responded to a vehicle on fire on County Road 6. The vehicle was totally destroyed after the driver reported a loud noise and noticed the rear wheel area on fire.
Four injury accidents were reported, one at the Rock Crawl in Rangely, where the passenger had a minor leg injury; a dirt bike driver was brought in to Rangely District Hospital with minor injuries; a rollover accident on Highway 13 within the town limits sent the driver to Pioneers Hospital in Meeker; and a car/deer accident resulted in the driver and passenger transported to Pioneers Medical Center.
A report of a horse being hobbled and whipped was unfounded.
Report of gunshots near the construction area on County Road 5 by a sheepherder were unintentional.
Deputies assisted Meeker Police in searching for a stolen vehicle, and transported the suspect after Rifle Police spotted the vehicle and held him for investigation and transportation back to Rio Blanco County.
Meeker Police Department:
Accident injury 1; accident property damage 2; alarm 3; assist Meeker ambulance 2; animal calls 3; assist Sheriff’s Office 1; burglary 1; citizen assist; criminal mischief 1; disturbance 4; domestic violence 1; fraud 1; gas skip 1; motorist assist 1; property 1; suspicious incident 7; theft 2; traffic complaints 2; traffic stops 10; VIN inspections 3.
Total Calls 51.
General Synopsis:
A residential burglary resulted in the arrest of a female suspect.
A vehicle was stolen from Water Street and was spotted headed to Rifle, where the vehicle was stopped by Rifle Police and the driver was transported back to Meeker and arrested for vehicle theft.
Three hitchhikers were contacted by officers, one was sleeping on a business entryway and a male and female were reportedly sitting in front of a business and looking at a residence nearby. The couple was also contacted later as they were verbally arguing and were given transportation to their destination in Craig
Rangely Police Department
The Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office is currently assisting the Rangely Police Department dispatch center and does their dispatching on nights and weekends.The following are calls dispatched for them by the Meeker dispatch center.
The following calls occurred from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. weeknights and weekends:
Alarms 2; assist animal control 1; assist Rangely Ambulance 2; assist Rio Blanco Sheriff 2; citizen assist 5; DUI 1; disturbance 1; fraud 1; obstructing court order 1; suspicious incident 4; traffic stops 20; warrant arrests 1.
Total Calls 41.
June 15 at 8 a.m. to June 22 at 8 a.m.
Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office:
911 calls 2; misdial 1, 911 2; accident property damage 4; alarm 1; ambulance Meeker 1; animal call 8; assault 1; assist Colorado State Patrol 1; assist Division of Wildlife 1; assist Meeker Police 1; assist Rangely Police 5; citizen assists 5; citizen contact 1; court transport 1; criminal mischief 1; DUI 1; fire 3; fire BLM 2; gas skip 1; jail transport 2; motorist assist 2; suspicious incidents 5; thefts 2; traffic complaints 2; traffic hazards 2; traffic stops 9; trespass 1; ViIN Inspections 2; warrant arrests 2.
Total Calls 70.
General Synopsis:
Assisted Rangely Police on three domestic violence calls, a vehicle speeding in Rangely and locating a missing juvenile runaway.
Four lightning strike fires were reported, all on BLM property.
Five motor vehicle accidents were reported, one a slide-off with no injuries, one party hit a cow and killed it, another a bull elk, and two car/deer accidents.
Traffic stop resulted in a DUI arrest for the male driver.
A welfare check turning into a warrant arrest for a 28-year-old male.
A Black 2009 Polaris four wheeler was reported stolen from the Calamity Ridge area west of Rangely.
Assisted Meeker Ambulance with an unresponsive female.
A gas pipeline was shot at for the third time in the same area on Piceance Creek.
Copper and a chainsaw were the targets of thieves on County Road 99 west of Rangely.
An antelope got stuck in an evaporations pond and was rescued by the sheriff’s office and Parks and Recreation deputies.
Meeker Police Department:
911 1; 911 misdials 1; assist Meeker Ambulance 2; animal calls 6;assault 1; assist Sheriff’s Office 1; burglary 1; citizen assist 5; civil 2; criminal mischief 1, DUI 1; fires 2; fraud 2; motorist assist 1; suspicious incidents 2; traffic complaint 1; traffic hazard 2; traffic stops 11; and VIN inspections 7.
Total Calls: 50
General Synopsis:
A male party was contacted at Circle Park after it was reported that he was looking into unoccupied vehicles. The subject was not wanted and stated he would be leaving town.
Traffic stop resulted in a DUI arrest. Female driver was transported to RBC Jail.
Several residents are being contacted by Microsoft stating their computers are being hacked and that Microsoft needs access to their computers.This is a known fraud, and citizens are told not to give access and hang up on the caller.
An elderly male fell and was transported to Pioneers Medical Center Emergency Room.
A burglary was reported on Hill Street.
Rangely Police Department:
The following calls occurred from 7 p.m. To 7 a.m. weeknights and weekends:
Alarms 1; assault 1; assist animal control 1; assist other 1; assist Rio Blanco Sheriff 1; citizen assist 3; damaged property 1; disturbance 1; suspicious person 1; traffic stops 13; traffic-DUI 1.
Total Calls 25