The sport of World Extreme Rock Crawling or W.E. ROCK is all about challenging driver and machine. Competitors build amazing vehicles to drive over the most extreme obstacles our world-renowned course designers can dream up. Spectators watch vehicles perform maneuvers you never thought possible. Conquering large boulders, steep climbs, rock ledges, and massive drops, all while avoiding strategically placed cones. Depending on the class the competitors choose to compete in, their vehicle must follow some basic build rules and safety requirements. The rules are designed to keep each class fair while allowing the builder freedom to engineer the most competitive vehicle they can. Once on the course, the driver and spotter have 10 minutes to navigate three-four gates (sets of cones) without hitting any cones and as few backups as possible. Each cone hit or backup they take adds points to their score and the team with the lowest score wins. The courses are designed to provide the most action for the spectators throughout the weekend and force drivers to push what they have built to the limits.

The following are the winners of the W.E. Rock Western Series 2 Rangely, Colorado competition held on June 26-27:
Unlimited–Jesse Haines/Chris Poblano,Pro Mod–Chris Mercer/Dan Venrick, Sportsman A–Michael Brassanini/Collin Bruggem, Sportsman B–Rory Eavenson/Lily Reinhardt, Sportsman C–Chris McKenzie/Josh Griffin.