Rowdy Worm turns 20, returns April 26

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RANGELY — Rowdy Worm, the annual after prom celebration held at Rangely High School, celebrates its 20th year. Rowdy Worm will once again provide a safe alternative to typical prom night parties April 26 at midnight (right after prom).
Rowdy Worm started in 1988 with a small celebration at the Elks Lodge that culminated with a pancake breakfast. Rowdy Worm was organized by students and student council advisor Kathy Thorsby. Thorsby and students spent the next eight years adding the nighttime activities such as a casino, sports tournaments and prizes (including a car). The last 12 years Rowdy Worm has continued under the direction of Dave Walck and the student council. Each year students try their hand at the traditional activities like the casino and sports tournaments but also participate in a variety of activities to earn fake cash to purchase prizes in the auction. Now all students are administered a breathalyzer before entering the all night festivity. Students still extend the night by gathering at the Cowboy Corral to enjoy a breakfast before heading home to sleep and revel in the fun they had the night before. The most important reason Rowdy Worm has had the success it has is because of the tremendous support of the community.
The Rangely community and surrounding areas have been very supportive in making sure students have that safe alternative each and every year. Parents continue their support year in and year out by providing food and supervision. Senior parents each year are asked to bring chips, dip and drinks. Junior parents are asked to bring cookies and deserts. Sophomore and freshman parents are asked to bring finger foods and sandwiches. Every year parents and community members stay up way past bedtime to come watch the students participate in hilarious contests, buy their favorite auction item and create memories that will last for a lifetime. Many RHS alumni either donate prizes or donate their time to make sure the night is successful. It is amazing to see students give back to an activity they once enjoyed themselves. We hope that kind of support continues.
We need your help! Maybe you could come deal some cards at the casino, check students in at the door, supervise an arm wrestling tournament, strum some chords in the Guitar Hero competition or just sit back and watch the kids enjoy themselves. Maybe you could donate an item or a cash prize, maybe you have an older vehicle that would make a great set of wheels for a high school student.
All of these things are greatly appreciated and can even be tax deductible. Please help us make the 20th year of Rowdy Worm the best yet. Please contact one of the student organizers or Dave Walck at the high school, (970) 675-2253 (ext. 107). Thank you for the many years of support for Rowdy Worm.