RSD inks fund request

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RANGELY I The Rangely School Board adopted a new resolution Jan. 20 that urges the Colorado State Legislature to reduce the negative factor, effectively increasing school funding.

The resolution, which was signed by all five board members, states that the negative factor violates the 23rd Amendment to the Colorado Constitution. That measure was passed by voters in 2000 and requires that the state provide regular increases in funding for public education.
According to Rangely School Finance Director Steve Kraft, the negative factor, which was introduced by the state as a way to cut education budgets in 2010 during the Great Recession, has caused Rangely schools to lose out on $2.6 million.
The resolution, which has been gaining steam statewide with many school boards signing on, originated in the Center and Del Norte school districts.
Rangely School Superintendent Matt Scoggins said the purpose of the resolution is to make an “effort to further show a united front from our education community to the state.”
“This is one more step as we work to eliminate the negative factor that has been so devastating to districts throughout the state,” he said. “(Lawmakers) create all types of laws and regulations that create layers of paperwork and red tape, yet fail to see the need to adequately fund our future…our students. Perhaps a united voice from our local school boards will help move the needle.”
The signed resolution was sent to the Colorado Association of School Boards, which is compiling similar resolutions from around the state to send to Colorado lawmakers.
In addition to the resolution, 174 of the 178 superintendents statewide have signed a statement requesting that the 2015 Colorado Legislature make the return of funding to Colorado public schools a priority