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MEEKER | It’s not every day that Kris Casey’s class gets to have a visitor, let alone a visitor who served our country on one of the United States most important days. On Sept. 11, Indiana State Senator and combat veteran Chris Garten joined Casey’s classroom. Taking time away from his hunting trip with Strawberry Creek outfitter Joe Gutierrez, Garten came in to talk about the impacts 9/11 had on him personally. He told the class, “When I was sitting there watching the towers be attacked, I needed to answer the call.” He said not long after, he joined the Marines. Garten wasn’t the only person who felt this way. After the attack on 9/11 a lot of people joined the military.

Some kids in Casey’s class asked Garten about the career path of the military. Some were already interested and others were curious about what it takes to be part of it. Garten’s visit generated conversation about the impacts that he made during his 23 years with the Marines. He now owns a small business called Signature counter tops, where he makes natural stone counter tops. Garten has a wife and three boys.