Seniors enjoy cookout at the park

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MEEKER — Fall is almost upon us. I love the fall — it’s my favorite time of the year.
The seniors had a good time at the Chuckwagon cookout at the park recently. We had a good-sized group attending. Several people came who seldom if ever come to Chuck-wagon. I hope to see them there more often. “The more the merrier‚” folks!
Our first load of aluminum cans has gone to Grand Junction, or will be going soon, for recycling. It will be interesting to see how much money they bring in. I understand that the money will be spent on decorating supplies for the dining room. Many thanks to our cook, Shona Richardson, for taking her time and gas to take them down for the seniors.
I’m working at the fruit stand next to the Gofer two days a week (Tuesday and Saturday), as some of you know. I like it! I enjoy meeting people and talking with them. I’m having a little bit of problem learning to figure taxes, but I’m getting the hang of it.
I made some apricot jam recently. Thanks, Bob and Elizabeth, for the apricots, and thanks Bob, for holding the tree limbs down for me so I could pick the apricots.
We had an evangelist at our church recently. His name is Reggie Pate. Wow, can he play the piano and sing! Oh yes, and he’s a mighty fine preacher, too! How many of you remember that old song “This Old House”? Reggie sang that. My mother loved that song and she used to sing it all the time.
I’m sure glad I’m not in Denver, aren’t you? Can you imagine having to deal with all of that traffic and the crowds attending the Democratic convention? I heard a cute description of Obama: He’s a mile high and an inch deep! I’d like to have that on a bumper sticker.
My husband and I took a drive up to Fritzlan’s Cafe for lunch recently. Arlene hadn’t baked any peach pies yet but the cherry was almost as good! While there, I overheard a story from some folks at another table who were talking about a certain man named who went pheasant “hunting” at Westlands. This mighty “outdoorsman” would have an employee remove a pheasant from its cage and throw it into the air. The “Great White Hunter” would shoot the bird, the employee would pick it up and throw it into a trash can! Isn’t that awful? I wonder why he didn’t give that meat away to someone rather than just throw it away! Shoot folks, the seniors at Chuckwagon would enjoy a nice pheasant dinner, don’t you think so? That’s the worst “hunting story” I’ve ever heard.
I was glad to see Jeanette Price back at Chuckwagon last week. We missed you while you were gone on vacation, Jeanette, especially your “Skip Bo” buddies, Rose and Pat.
How many of you have tried the new little Mexican restaurant located in the old Market Street Grill location? We like the food a lot. Our favorite so far is the chicken taquitos. The food is just good, plain homestyle Mexican cuisine, freshly prepared, not smothered in cheese, not greasy. The people are friendly and they go out of their way to provide excellent services. They have a non-alcoholic drink called Horchata (pronounces Orchata) that tastes just like rice pudding! Yum! Why am I going on and on about this place you ask? I’ll tell you. I learned that every time these poor people put a sign up to advertise their location, some low life comes along and steals it.
These people have probably got every cent they have invested in this place as well as their whole lives and they deserve just as much of a chance to make a life for themselves here in Meeker as the rest of us! Anyone who would stoop to such sleazy tactics whether out of mistaken sense of loyalty or just plain vandalism should be ashamed of themselves.
That’s all, y’all.