Shaffer elected new fire chief in Rangely

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RANGELY I As the result of an election Monday, Andy Shaffer will be the town’s new fire chief, replacing Mike Cushman.
“I’m excited to get in there with a fresh start,” said Shaffer, who will assume his new role at the first of the year. “He (Cushman) told me he will be there right by my side to help me out.”
Cushman has been chief for 12 years, or six two-year terms.
“I think a little bit of change is good, especially for the community,” Cushman said. “Andy came to me in November and said no hard feelings, I’m running against you. We’ve been kinda stale. So, for the community’s sake, I think change is good.”
Both Cushman and Shaffer are the longest tenured members of the department. Members of the fire department voted on the election for chief.