Shooting club holds first meeting

MEEKER | The Meeker 4-H shooting club had its first meeting on March 29.
At this meeting, we elected the new club officers: J.C. Henderson as president. In this position, he runs the club meetings and is in charge of keeping the club in order. The vice president, Ty Dunham, has the responsibility of taking over the president’s duties when he is absent. The reporter and secretary is Mason Scritchfield. The secretary is required to keep records of what happens at the meetings. The reporter’s job is to write an overview of all the clubs meetings and activities then submit them to the newspaper to keep the public up-to-date with the club. The treasurer is Jacob Henderson, who keeps the record of the club’s money. The pledge leader, who leads us in the pledge of allegiance and the 4-H pledge at the beginning of all meetings, is Jake Pelloni. Charlie Day, Jake Smith, Michael Beck and Ty Dunham are our council representatives, who go to the council meetings, and then report back to the club about upcoming events and other important information.
After we elected officers, we split off into three groups; archery, shotgun, and .22. At each of these groups we introduced ourselves to the leaders and other members, then discussed when we want our shooting practices to be and what we want to improve at these practices.
The individual club leaders are Randy Schindler for archery; shotgun is Troy Osborn and Hal Pierce; and .22 is Jon Wangnild and Alan Waldref.
The business meetings were voted to be set for the second Monday of each month until July. And the shooting meetings for archery are set for every-other Wednesday at the recreation center range, starting at 7 p.m.. The .22s meet Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the sportsman shooting range. And Sundays at 6 p.m. the shotgun members shoot at the sportsman range.
– Mason Scritchfield, reporter