Shop and Dine returns to Rangely

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RBC I The Town of Rangely’s Shop and Dine is back for its fourth year running.
From today until Nov. 30, people can collect their receipts from sales-tax generating purchases from local merchants, turn them in to Town Hall, and get $5 in vouchers back for every $50 they’ve spent, up to $300.
“In general, it’s a program that hopefully benefits merchants by helping consumers see the benefit of shopping locally,” Rangely Town Manager Peter Brixius said.”It urges them to come to the retail providers in Rangely and find out what they’re offering if they haven’t been in there.”
Brixius said that for the three years the program has been offered, businesses have seen sales numbers increase as residents have spent more of their money in town.
“It’s becoming a legacy event, and it’s kind of fun, actually,” Brixius said.”It does generate some incremental sales growth and it causes us to increase our sales tax generation during that month, so that helps offset some of the cost of the program.”
Up to $10,000 is set aside in the Town of Rangely’s Economic Development Fund each year to pay for the vouchers. Last November was the first year that the $10,000 mark was met, and Brixius expects that this year could do the same.
Purchases that generate sales tax revenue for the county range from restaurant bills to convenience store purchases to auto supply buys. Money spent on cigarettes, gasoline, and pharmaceuticals won’t go toward vouchers, though people can “buy a refrigerator at the local hardware store, bring that receipt in, and go put (the voucher) toward a tank of gas,” Brixius said.
While participants have until Nov. 30 to turn in receipts for vouchers, Nov. 30 is also the last day to spend vouchers at local businesses.