Shults earns sixth term on Colorado all state 4-H livestock judging team

Madi Shults
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Madi Shults
Madi Shults
MEEKER I Meeker resident Madi Shults earned all state judging team honors again in 2015. She has earned a spot on the all state team since 2010. She was honored at the Colorado State Fair (CSF) All State Recognition Program that was held prior to the CSF Champion Market Hog Drive on Saturday, Aug. 29. The awards didn’t get there for the ceremony but the kids and fans did.

Only seven senior Colorado 4-H livestock judges made the 2015 team—five were from the Western Slope. Routt County had two members, the Tri-River area had two and Shults from Rio Blanco County. Since 2010 a Western Slope 4-H team has won the state 4-H championship four times.
The Colorado Coaches Association all state team criteria are simple. One must place in the top 10 percent overall at any Colorado County 4-H livestock judging contest to earn a point. The exception is the state contest where the top 10 overall—no matter the number of contestants entered—earns a point towards all state. One out-of-state contest can count as well, as long as it meets the Colorado guidelines. An individual must earn a minimum of three points within the season to make the cut. The contest must have at least 10 classes of livestock with at least three species; cattle, sheep/goats and swine. Also, the contestants must give at least three sets of oral reasons, one on each species.
Six members of this year’s team will let you know how easy they think it is not. They each missed the all state team by one point. That’s hard to imagine considering the quantity of awards they earned this season: champion buckles, college scholarships, miles of ribbons, “planks,” sweatshirts, garment bags, boots, cash and a state team title.
Shults accumulated eight all state points this season, dominating 2015. She won the Four Corners contest, Adams County Judging Extravaganza, Eastern Slope contest, and Tri River area contest and was the high individual at the state contest. She was the first loser at Weld and Gunnison and finished fourth at the Lincoln County contest, but she persevered.
Shults and her teammates Ty Dunham, Macy Collins and Sam Lopez are beginning to prepare for the national 4-H contest held in Louisville, Ky., in mid-November. The team will be judging at the LCCC fall contest and attempt to get to the Kansas State Flint Hills Classic. They will compete at AK SAR BEN in Omaha and the CSU Mock contest as well. This is a talented, smart team and they are setting goals to leave a “carbon” footprint in Kentucky.
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