St. Pat’s Day Festival to support MS

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MEEKER | The first annual Saint Pat’s Day Festival in Meeker is set for March 17. There will be some exciting activities for kids in the afternoon and a dance with an Irish theme later in the evening at the Hugus Building. We would like to see the whole community get involved and help make this into a big fun festival that we can have every year. During the month leading up to the event we will be raising funds (A Pot O’ Gold) to help support people in our community who have Multiple Sclerosis. We will be setting up a Go Fund Me campaign, a trust at the bank and Pots O’ Gold in local establishments to help collect donations for the cause. “Getting Green for Good!” shamrock or tree of life stickers will be given to everyone who contributes as an outward symbol of our sharing and support. The festival will be a celebration of life and everything green, of the changing of seasons, and of the first day of spring. We will be having a gathering Monday, Feb. 20 at 10 a.m. at Meeker Drug for anyone who wants to be involved in the organization and promotion of the events. Sponsored by the Rio Blanco Herald Times. Contact Pat at 970-948-7617 or for more information.