Stars ‘n’ Stripes 3 on 3 basketball results

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On Saturday, July 4, 2020, ERBM Recreation and Parks District hosted its annual Stars-N-Stripes 3-on-3 basketball tournament. This year 11 teams competed. The winners for each age division that competed are listed below:

3rd & 4th grade boys division

1st Place – Thunder (Brig Williams, Gael Rodriguez, Lawson Anderson)

5th & 6th grade boys division

1st Place – Boyz (Snowden Williams, Trent Sanders, Said Rodriguez, Joshua Quinn)

2nd Place – Gates (Jonan Von Roenn, Nick Gates, Tyler Sanders, Ashton Tapia)

7th & 8th grade girls division

1st Place – Top Gun (Rywinn Williams, Addison Knowles, Jacey Follman) 

9th – 12th grade girls division

1st Place – Team K (Sarah Kracht, Emma Knez, Hailey Knowles)

9th – 12th grade boys division

1st Place – Meme Lords (Axel Oliva, Spud White, Ethan Drake, Damien Kent)

2nd Place – The Golden Pioneers (Peter Hanks, Zack Simonsen, Trindon Powell, Jace Mobley)

3rd Place – The Crawfords (Cooper Crawford, Lev Illowz, Zagar Brown)

18 & Over division

1st Place – Cripples (Raul Lopez, Trapper Merrifield, Zack Dinwiddie)

2nd Place – Reliving High School Dreams (Travis Anderson, Brandon Sanders, Daniel Bair)             

3rd Place – Very Good Never Awful (Jonathan Lopez, Adrian Carabantes, Juan Oliva)

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