Stars ‘n’ Stripes 3-on-3 results

MEEKER | ERBM Recreation & Park District’s annual Stars ‘n’ Stripes 3-on-3 basketball tournament was held at Town Park Thursday, July 4. Results below.

3rd & 4th grade boys division
1st Place – Ninja Mice Brothers (Dexter Chinn, Gavin Allen, Logan Selby, Nick Gates, Wyatt Joy)
5th & 6th grade boys division
1st Place – Hoosiers (Snowden Williams, Trent Sanders, Said Rodriguez, Tucker Chinn)
2nd Place – Chick-Fil-A (Tyler Sanders, Connor Rose, Sam Conrado)
7th & 8th grade GIRLS division
1st Place – Lady Dogs (Quincy Lowe, Antonia Jasquez, Megan Neton, Brook Wheeler )
2nd Place – Team Work=Dream Work (Rhiwan Williams, Grycee Follman, Addie Henderson, Aimee Shults)
3rd Place – Demoproblemo (Taylor Garcia, Charlee Rogers, Addie Knowles, Riley Sullivan)
7th & 8th grade boys division
1st Place – The Howards (Teagan Sheridan, Jace Mobley, Ryan Sullivan, Ethan Quinn)
2nd Place – Nitros (Finley Deming, Landin Lopez, Ruger Bane, Sam Hightower)

9th–12th grade GIRLS division
1st Place – Merica (Sarah Kracht, Emma Knez, Hailey Knowles)
9th–12th grade boys division
1st Place – Mean Lords (Axel Oliva, Landon Moomey, Damien Kent)
2nd Place – Warriors (Peter Hanks, Austin Bottinean, Zack Simonsen)
3rd Place – Bull Dogs (Cort Murphy, Easton Briggs, Johnny, Catcher Jackson)
4th Place – Hans eun Frans (Owen Maser, Hamp Hightower, Hans Holmstead)
18 and over division
1st Place – Gomers (Brandon Sanders, Greg Hanberg, Travis Anderson, Helaman Haynie)