State takes action on illegal Montana license plates

RBC — The Colorado Department of Revenue has announced that criminal and civil actions have been taken against Colorado residents who illegally registered their high-end recreational vehicles in Montana in an effort to evade paying taxes. Colorado Department of Revenue officials say that the cooperative effort between the Department’s civil and criminal sections and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office have resulted in criminal convictions and a collection of a significant amount of unpaid sales and use taxes.
The department also took civil action against other Colorado residents who owned recreational vehicles registered in Montana. Department officials report that, to date, 122 recreational vehicle owners have been billed $2.7 million in unpaid sales taxes, penalties and interest.
Having residents register their high-priced recreational vehicles in Montana has been a problem in many states, including Colorado. Because Montana has no sales tax on motor vehicles and low registration fees, some buyers register vehicles there in an attempt to save money.