Steffens are a symbol of volunteerism

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This letter is in support for the nomination of Enid Steffen, co-owner of The Bakery in Meeker. Along with her husband, David, Enid has spent the past 25 years serving her community and using her business as a vehicle for helping others.
As a Meeker native and one of 15 children, Enid understands the relationships of a close-knit, small-town community and has never taken those relationships for granted. Consequently, she has developed a tradition of service, helping and volunteering via her small business that serves the town of Meeker. A quick glance at the walls in the Bakery will easily tell the tale of how Enid and David have given more than just baked goods and cups of coffee to the residents of Meeker.
Specifically, the Bakery continually supports local children’s FFA endeavors. You will find many pictures up of kids with their FFA steers or pigs, smiling with gratitude for The Bakery’s sponsorship. Another tradition that all second-grade Meeker Elementary students can look forward to is a day at the Bakery — free doughnuts and a tour. The students then practice their thank-you letter writing skills. The best part is that Enid saves these letters year after year and posts them on the walls of the Bakery when these kids are seniors in high school, just before graduation. The spirit of community support is palpable for all the patrons who see the letters. Finally, I love the picture of the Meeker High School kids in Costa Rica — a school-sponsored science trip that would have been very difficult for most of the students to take if it had not been for the support of Enid and David.
More informally, however, Enid demonstrates the tenets of volunteerism whenever there is need in the community. I have seen several community dinners sponsored by The Bakery to aide someone with impossible medical bills, children with exciting opportunities, or family hardships. They regularly accept and organize donations for school supplies to be given to the students who can’t get their own. They also accept and organize coat drives and book drives to share with those in need. They also invite local children to come at Christmas time and build gingerbread houses, with homemade icing and lots of treats for building … or eating.
On a personal note, I am perhaps most grateful for Enid opening her arms to me and my two young sons. We often spend time in the mornings at The Bakery for a good cup of coffee, a doughnut, a good visit with whoever happens to be there, and a positive feeling that the spirit of giving is alive and well at The Bakery, thanks to Enid Steffen.
Mandi Etheridge
Mayor, town of Meeker