Stepping into Bakery is fun

It is 6 in the morning, and there are already people at The Bakery to get their cup of coffee and fresh-baked doughnut.
Dave Steffen has been there for several hours baking all of the bread, rolls, doughnuts and sweet rolls. Enid, his wife, waits on the customers when they come in. You just feel at home when you walk in. The good smells, the friendly hellos, and there is always a ‘Food for Thought’ saying on the board to read.
Dave and Enid know just about every person who walks through their doors. They also help meet the needs of some of the people in Meeker. They have helped our little community in so many ways. They host after-prom parties, they raise money for families going through tragedy or tough times. They donate school supplies and clothing every year to our students. It seems they always have a cause they are helping with.
On Saturday morning in the summer, it is a given to stop either before or after the yard sales. Just to step in The Bakery is fun. Dave and Enid have signs hanging on the walls that just give you a giggle. One of my favorites is “My wife ran off with my best friend, I sure miss him.” They have a strong sense of humor and a strong marriage.
The lunches they prepare are much like going to your mom’s house for lunch. Home cooking, fast service and a funny story make The Bakery a great place to go.
Dave and Enid are pretty quiet people. They enjoy seeing the Meeker folks and catching up on each family. They care about each one, young or old. They have been a mainstay in Meeker for many years, and I hope they stay around for many more.
They truly deserve the 9Who Care Award for all they do to help others in this little mountain town.
Sherry Overton
Meeker resident