STUCO in gear for new year

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MEEKER | The purpose of the Meeker High School (MHS) Student Council (StuCo), according to their Constitution, includes enhancing the school’s “education mission by providing social, cultural, educational and developmental programs, events and services.” Formally, StuCo is composed of the officers elected before graduation last spring, and the Class officers and Class StuCo representatives elected this week.

Elected last spring, the StuCo officers are Brandon Lozano and Brynlee Williams, co-presidents; Ridge Williams, vice-president; Jeniffer Kincher, secretary; Pake Burke, treasurer; and Mason Holliday, parliamentarian. Language arts teacher Kathleen Kelley is the StuCo teacher sponsor.

The StuCo Constitution further states that the president (co-presidents) shall maintain function and overall direction of the council. Lozano and Brynlee Williams, both juniors, said last spring that they were about positive change and are passionate about helping their community. They said they care about positive leadership, school pride and involvement, and that they particularly enjoy planning events and fundraisers. Both are very active in multiple extracurricular activities and community service organizations. They said they want to listen to their fellow students.Their theme was “Let’s Be Better Together!”

Ridge Williams, also a junior, has said he would like to bring valuable input and ideas to create a positive impact on MHS. He has been involved in choir, drama, BSA life scout, community choir and numerous sports. Williams was treasurer of his freshman and sophomore classes.

Kincher, also junior, said she would like to better MHS through improved spirit, functionality and fundraising. She claimed she works well within teams and has served in several leadership capacities, from VP of her freshman class to being secretary for FFA and FCCLA, and loves to volunteer at the local dog pound. She told the student voters last spring, “I’ll Take the Notes if You Give Me the Votes.”

Burke, a senior, was StuCo treasurer last year. He said he wants to advance scholastic achievement in the school, seek improvement in community interaction with the school and social involvement. In particular, Burke wants to create a more accepting, cooperative atmosphere throughout MHS. As treasurer, he said he would continue to pursue efficiencies in expenditures while also spending for positive adventures. Burke was president of his sophomore class.

Holliday, a sophomore, served as president of her freshman class. She said she enjoys community service, planning events, and watching others achieve. She’s been involved in musical theatre, choir, volleyball and FCCLA. The responsibilities of the parliamentarian include helping maintain order in all business meetings.

Officers and StuCo representatives elected this week are:

Class of 2019 (Senior)—Briar Meszaros, president; Kenzie Turner, vice-president; Kallie McCain, secretary; Andy Kracht, treasurer; Mikayla Cardile and Savana May, representatives; teacher sponsors—Michelle Selle, John Strate and Cheri Robinson.

Class of 2020 (Junior)—Kolbi Franklin, president; Josh Dinwiddie, vice president; Kirsten Brown, secretary; Jose Garcia, treasurer; Annelise Amack and Makenna Burke, representatives; teacher sponsors—Naomi Etchart, Patricia Merrifield, and Trina Kennedy.

Class of 2021 (Sophomore)—Bentlee Barry, president; Grant Cravens, vice-president; Sierra Gomez, secretary; Carter Strate, treasurer; Ashdon Siebert and Ryan Phelan, representatives; teacher sponsors—Diane Ewing, Ben Quinn, and Brenda Hummel.

Class of 2022 (Freshman)—Tatumn Kennedy, president; Peter Hanks, vice-president; Savannah Mendenhall, secretary; Damek Chintala, treasurer; Emma Knez and Shane Kobald, representatives; teacher sponsors—Denee Chintala, Zach Clatterbaugh, and Maria Beckington.

At Meeker Elementary School, Principal Kathy Collins reports they are continuing to have the fifth graders share leadership responsibilities so that all fifth graders get a chance to be a part of school leadership. The fifth grade students take turns leading the pledge on the intercom every morning, serving crosswalk duty, keeping track of school spirit day participation (counting numbers of who dresses up each Thursday) and running the recycling pick up throughout the school each week.

“With three students running each of the four activities each week,” Collins says, “all the students get to participate several times throughout the year.”

Jim Hanks, Barone Middle School principal, did not reply to a request for information on student governance at his school.