Students bring history to life

Aiyana McCook and Lily Cox presented "The Encampment of Valley Forge."
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History came alive at the RBC Historical Society quarterly meeting on April 14. Much to the delight of the 40 attendees of the meeting the Barone Middle School history class taught by Kris Casey presented their projects.

Many questions were asked of the young presenters. Every question was answered in detail that proved to the audience that these students have done their homework.  Everyone in attendance went home with a better knowledge of a historical event and a feeling that our young people are being well educated and we are in good hands.

Presentations (skits)

The encampment of Valley Forge: Aiyana McCook and Lily Cox (pictured)

Marylin Monroe: Ruby Holliday, Katie Lockwood, Melayni Wangnild, Brea Garcia 


War of Roses: Deana Wood

Amistad: Emma Luce, Kenzie Keetch, Autumn Hobbs, Grace Roberts, Maddie Mendenhall


Chernobyl: Anders Jonsson and Gage Richardson

Ravensbruck: Gwynn Hooks and Jayden Overton

Radium Girls: Gracie Blagg

Tragic Advancements of the Portable Phone: Nora Gianinetti